October 11, 2011

SMART Bro Pocket WiFi Plus up for Pre-order–SOLD OUT

Smart recently opened up the reservation for the new SMART Bro Pocket WiFi Plus, but the unit is just like the Huawei E5. This portable modem router allows you to share your mobile data connection up to 5 devices. However, the difference with their old Pocket WiFi is that it supports HSPA+ connectivity speeds of up to 20Mbps.

smart Rocket

Yup, that’s smart claiming with this new device, that’s really 20Mbps! That is, of course, provided you’re within SMART’s HSPA+ network range. Now you can check out the full list of HSPA+ sites here. SMART’s already got 875 HSPA+ sites up ready for the public spread across all over the Philippines, with more coming soon.

The price you say! Well it retails Php6,495. I guess is a reasonable price if you think about the speed of the device.

So you want one?It’s not yet available though, you can pre-order already. Head on over at smart website here to reserve yours now. You can reserve until November 11.

Update: There seems to be a demand to this device and so smart currently not accepting anymore reservation for the time being.

smart pocket WiFi

Update: According to smart website the pre=order of Rocket Wifi is SOLD OUT.

rocket soldout

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