December 18, 2011

Hard drive shortage! Expect a Price Hike until 1st Quarter Next Year

just last week I was taken a back by the high prices of disk Drivers in computer stores. So I ask the Store manager why the sudden high price of disk drives. And His response was because of the Flooding in Thailand.


According to computerworld there is a shortage on hard disk drives brought by the floods in Thailand.

While vendors are expected to keep their most valuable customers - computer system manufacturers -- supplied with inventory, the consumer retail market will likely be hit hard by shortages and price increases, analysts say.

Two industry research firms, IHS iSuppli and IDC, have predicted that the overall market shortage due to factory flooding in Thailand will reach 25% to 28% over the next six months.

The largest producer of hard drives, Western Digital is expected to be hit the hardest as IDC predicts that up to 75% of its production will be temporarily shut down, IDC said today.

You can read the rest of the story here:

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