February 07, 2012

How to Change the Language on your Google Chrome Browser

chromeGoogle Chrome is one of the best browser available! But If you have newly install chrome in your machine and your origin is other than the country USA or UK or Australia then you will see the language in chrome browser on your national language. You will act like a blind unless you installed a compatible font in your windows machine. This problem usually happens if your national language is other than English.

 This could be a problem if you are use to having your default language to English. To solve this language problem, is not that really hard, you need to go through several steps. If you don't have installed font then you might see some garbage characters instead of seeing any valid characters. So finding option and change language to English based on assumption will be much difficult.
Follow the following steps on how to change language on chrome from Filipino to English
Step 01: Click the wrench menu . You will find this menu at the rightmost top corner just after cross (x) icon.
chrome bar
Step 02: Select “Mga Pagpipilian” ( or Options). (If you will not detect where options is then select 5th menu from bottom!).
Step 03: Click the “Sa Ilalim ng Hood” (or Under the Hood ). (This is the 3rd Tab of the 3 tabs appeared in the window).
chrome options
Step 04: Click “Mga setting ng mga wika at spell-checker .In the 'Fonts and Languages' dialog box, click the Languages tab.
chrome language
Step 05: As you can see on the above image you can now choose Ingles(Estados Unidos) as your default language. Click on “Ipakita ang Google Chrome sa wikang ito.
chrome language reset
Step 07: Once you have chosen it will ask you to close your current window. Restart the browser. Your new language setting should now take effect.
And that’s it you have now change your language from Filipino to English.

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