March 13, 2012

Game ON: Infinity Blade II Review

In Star trek I remember a Klingon proverb or saying that says, "Revenge is a dish best served cold." well in the case of Infinity Blade II, it's a buffet of sword combat, with some of the most beautiful visuals effects an iOS game.
Infinity Blade was used on promoting the iPad and iPhone as valid gaming options, with high quality visuals and intuitive touchscreen controls.

 About The Game: The God King has been defeated, an unlikely hero has emerged and now you must discover the truth behind the secrets of the Infinity Blade. The continuing journey of young Siris unfolds as you delve deeper into the world of the Deathless tyrants and their legion of Titans. Can you unlock all the mysteries and successfully wield the power of the Infinity Blade in this timeless adventure of champions and villains?
Game ON: I did not got a chance to play the first release of Infinity Blade, well because I'm not a fan of game that involves a lot of sword fighting, I prefer shooting specially when it involves Zombies. But since I was given an iTunes Gift card for this game, I said I will give it a try.
My first reaction while reading the details of the game from App Store was, this is a huge download it’s a whopping 1GB, and this will take some time to finish. Lucky we have a huge bandwidth at the office and able to get this on my iPad 2 in no time
The game starts on a scene from oriental temples where Siris is talking to Isa a woman warrior on how he can find some answer to his question, from there the gameplay will start and also the tutorial.
The Tutorial guide is a walkthrough on how to play the game, appreciate the scenery and start slashing those who get on your way and finish the Job. The 3D surroundings are great, I used the iPad 2 to play this game and I was amazed on how smooth rendering of game is presented. Sound quality was amazing, but there was a time that I got tired of the same grunts and huffs by the hundredth battle.
The first stage of the game is to find some information about the mysterious Worker, To do so, you must battle your way to the top of a tower fighting to Deathless Warrior along the way until you get to the top and face Saydhi! and ask the question!
Once I finish this intro and tutorial level, I got strip of my fancy sword and armour and I was given a used rusty armor and sword to start my quest in finding the Worker in the Start of Rebirth.
IF start-adobotech
The Weapons: There's the typical sword and shield combo from Infinity Blade, a high damage (but slower) two-handed weapon where defense is now exclusively block-based and dual-wielding weapons for faster attacks with defense limited to dodges. As I progress to the game and collect credit/money I can choose to upgrade my weapons.
The Shields: I find this useful in the first 10 rebirth of the game, then it seems to become useless in the battle, this can only be use when I have the Light weapons. The shield's can be customized by equipped with Gems.
Gems and Supplies: Gems can be embedded in your weapons and armor for enhanced capabilities, different Keys are used to open various kinds of chests, Treasure Chests contain weapons, gold, potions, or other items, some chests require keys to open. Bags of Gold can be used to buy new weapons and items to make your character more powerful. Potions offer different types of regeneration and enhancements. Prize wheels offer a random chance at weapons, items, gems, or gold.  Spin the wheel and collect your prize!
siris upgrade-adobotech
Character Upgrade: Every time I gained enough XP to level up, I earn Skill Points to add to my character’s Skill Stats, and increase it’s capabilities in combat.
IMG_0424 IMG_0425IMG_0426 IMG_0428
There are some Bags of Gold that I can pickup and which I earn money, and can use to buy stronger weapons and armour. Also I was able to spot some some supplies like Bottle of Health and Keys to opened those treasure chest.
The Verdict: Rating 4/5
The game is addicting and once you get a hang of the combos and slashing, dodging, blocking, parrying you are sure to upgrade your character in no time. The visual effects is amazing specially every after battle there is a short scene where the final blows is shown in a slow motion. Every rebirth your enemies seems to get a little tougher to beat and would require to use a better and upgraded weapons and armour, so better keep an eye on those bags of gold and keep on opening those treasure chest to get a surprise, who knows you might even get the “Infinity Blade”.
infinity Blade II-adobotech
infinity Blade-adobotech
  • Great 3D graphics
  • Playable over and over again
  • Levels get harder as you progress
  • Customized characters.
  • Variety choices of weapons
  • Game Center
  • Huge Download File Size
  • Slow on iPod Touch 4th Gen. and iPad 1
I recommend this game specially if you have and iPad 2 and with the new recently updates which is retina display designed for The New iPad, this will surely looks not only amazing but stunning. It’s available in app store for $6.99.


  1. Too bad I own an ipod touch 4th gen =(

  2. my son is loves this kind og games games .i allow him to play every weekend only.Now he is complaining that his laptop is too slow ,probably because of the downloads.

  3. Too bad this game doesn't run in Mac.

  4. "Revenge is a dish best served cold." ...I first saw this in KILL BILL movie :))

  5. If only I could turn back time, I wanted to be a kid again. XD