March 25, 2012

Game ON: Streetfood Tycoon Review

Street food are a popular comfort food that can be seen wherever you go in the Philippines, not only it’s cheap but most of them are really good. I found this game that is proudly Pinoy made that gamer can experience on how to become a streetfood tycoon from Kuyi Mobile

 About the Game: Ever dreamed of owning your own food cart business? Now you can! From the makers of the award-winning game Card Drop, comes the most exciting resource and time management game in the App Store. Sell a variety of the world's most popular streetfood--from french fries to fishballs--and work your way towards becoming the next Streetfood Tycoon!
* Unlock dozens of items & upgrades
* Sell streetfood in 4 different locations
* Earn coins & upgrade your food cart to the max
* Unlock “celebrity” customers
* Compete with your friends via Game Center
* Unlock over 30 game achievements
* Full-color high resolution cartoon graphics
* Guaranteed fun for the entire family
Device Requirements:* iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad (Universal app)
* Supports retina display
* Requires iOS 4.2 or later
* 33 MB
Game ON: I love playing games that requires management and fast reflexes, Street food Tycoon is one of them, after downloading the game which is surprisingly only 33mb, I launch the game and I was presented with the start of the game on how would I like to get funds. From the four choices I went for “Loan from the cooperative”.
SFT-adobotech SFT1-Adobotech
After I got my loan I can now start buying the necessary supplies to get me started in selling Street foods which includes a second hand foodcart, papers and monthly rentals and your starter ingredients.
The game is very easy to understand and getting used to the game is pretty much straight forward, but I suggest to use the tutorial which is also easy to follow so that you can get a really good feel of the game and get you started in earning that first 1million coins.
SFT tutorial1-adobotech SFT tutorial2-adobotech SFT tutorial3-adobotech
The objective of the game is pretty simple earn coins from selling street food from the foodcart, all I needed to do is prepare what my customers want to order from my foodcart and be able to serve it on the right time or else the customer will leave. From this I will earn coins that I can used later on, there are a lot of upgrades and items can make the foodcart a more customer magnet, also cleaning the foodcart is a must so better on the look on those spills that was made while preparing the food. Since this is a food cart replenishing supplies during the game is one the things that I needed to look out.
SFT-crappy cart-abobotech SFT-2nd cart-abobotech SFT-steel cart-abobotech
I needed to upgrade my 2nd hand food cart so that I can sell “Kwek Kwek and FishBall to be added to my corndog and fries. So from a not so presentable cart I was able to upgrade it to a better looking cart with tip jar and speakers. The ultimate upgrade is FoodTruck which is my next goal.
But wait there are more to it than just serving street foods in this game i need to manage my coins, food cart and To do list. I can buy upgrades and items for the foodcart in “To Do List” options menu this is where I customized the food cart and be able to sell more. I can also choose the location where I want to sell, I suggest to try Bazaar from time to time because there are a lot more customers there compared to Village.
SFT TODO-abodotech SFT CART-abodotech SFT STATS-abodotech
The tweeter integration is also great to show-off your points to my followers and let me compared scores.
SFT-Twiiter-Adobotech SFT-Twiiter Post-Adobotech
The Verdict: Rating 4/5
What’s not to love about this game! Well it’s addicting, it will test your abstract reasoning in combining the right ingredients in order to match what your customer want and be able to serve it on time, so the pressure adds to the excitement.
I just can’t seem to find the pause menu or button on the game.
  • Great  graphics
  • Lots of added options as the game progress
  • Logic and keen eyes is a must  
  • Game Center
  • FREE!!!!
  • No Pause button
This game is really addictive and will definitely will take a lot of your time wasted. It’s available in app store for FREE.  Download it NOW!!!streetfood-adobotech
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  1. Nice review! Way to go pinoy developers. :)

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  3. This looks like fun! It's too bad it's only available for Apple devices :( Hope they come out with a version for Android.

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  5. Thank you for the wonderful review and for supporting Filipino developers! There's nothing more fulfilling than seeing people enjoy the game. :)

    @Suyen: Yes it will be released for Android too. Still working on it. :)

    @Aileen: Not sure about BB yet. The BB's a tough device to develop for but we'll see.

    1. If this game will hit the android market, for sure it will be a big hit.

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