March 18, 2012

TPC 812 CPU Cooler from Cooler Master

The first ever CPU heatsink to utilize vertical vapor chambers and combine it with a heat pipe array, TPC 812 is prepared to handle massive heat loads generated by overclocked multi core CPUs.
cooler master 1-adobotech

 A 100% polished pure copper base combined with improved solder reflux techniques further increase its thermal transfer capabilities. A special heatsink fin design coupled with an improved fan mounting system and air pressure optimized fin layout all lend themselves to a collective synergy that makes the TPC 812 best even some all-in-one (AIO) liquid cooling units *. The bundled fans have been tweaked for ideal noise airflow and air pressure characteristics allowing the TPC 812 to be effective yet silent.
  • The TPC 812 uses 2 separate cooling technologies to transfer heat – heat pipes and vertical vapor chambers.
  • Ready for overclocking, benchmarking and silent cooling.
  • The first-ever CPU heatsink to use vertical vapor chamber technology.
  • 100% pure polished copper base – combined with improved soldering technologies for the best thermal transfer.
  • Special fin design – heatsink receives concentrated cold airflow.
  • Improved air pressure design and fan mounting system.
cooler master-adobotech
TPC 812 is the Cooler Master Reference Cooler for optimal Performance and is a high end cooling system with perfect performance for overclocking and silent cooling
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