April 26, 2012

Nokia Lumia 710 Adventure–Day 1 Unboxing, Initial Set Up and Configuration

Windows Phone is one promising Mobile OS in the market now, and now that Nokia is making such a hit in the market with their Lumia series that runs the Windows Phone 7.5, mobile users are starting to notice how great this platform and devices.
Every time I got a new device, I make sure I commit time to get to know not only it’s capabilities and functionality but also get to know it’s Operating Systems. Yesterday I received my Nokia Lumia 710, and I’m already excited to use this as my main phone.

Lumia 710-adobotech
The Nokia Lumia 710 has rounded at the sides and around the back  with a compact design it may not be as exciting as the higher-end  Lumia 900 or 800 but once you hold it on your hand it feels comfortable and just right.
lumua 710-open box-Adobotech
The box can be easily opened and the first thing you will see the the Nokia Lumia 710 phone itself, under it is the battery and and other accessories.
lumia 710 Contents-Adobotech
The contents of the Box includes the Lumia 710, battery (BP-3L 1300mAh), wall charger (need adapter), USB sync cable, headset (in-ear headset with spare buds) with the usual warranty card and manual.
Lumia 710 Back-Adobotech
The phone can be opened on the side with a little force you can take the back cover off, the SIM compartment uses the Micro SIM kind, good thing I have a micro SIM that I'm using with my iPhone 4, but if you have the regular size SIM card, they can be easily be cut on any mobile phone stores.
IMG_0232   IMG_0234
I was surprise how fast Windows Phone boot-up, it only took a couple of seconds and then I can see the Metro Style Tiles. the Lumia 710 have a 3.7-inch WVGA (800 x 480) screen is sharp and clear. It has Nokia's ClearBlack technology, which it gives deeper blacks and looks great on outdoor too, the viewing angle is pretty wide too.
IMG_0237  IMG_0239
The first thing I look for is the settings, this is where to setup the phone functions, also I notice how snappy the response on my touch and the added animation is very smooth.

There the three button which are: back button this is better than having only one home button like the iPhone, that every time you want to launch another application you need to go back at the home screen.Another function of the back button is when you press and hold it you can see last 5 tiles you have opened and easy active it.
The Windows Logo button act as the home button and when press and hold this activates the voice command function.
While the search button activates Bing Search.

The Power
The Lumia 710 is powered by a single-core 1.4GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset with 512MB of RAM, as specified by Microsoft.

Using Windows Phone requires Microsoft account (Windows Live ID ) because this  will be use on a number of things, including setting up the Mail, People, Calendar, Messaging, and Office apps to work with my Microsoft account, and even configuring Music and Games with my Zune ID and Xbox LIVE Gamertag. This account will also be use at Marketplace, where you purchase apps and games for Windows Phone, as well as buy and stream (with Zune Pass) music and download podcasts.

Apps Installed
Nokia Maps. Not many Nokia phone users don’t know that this is available on on the phone and maps can be downloaded to stored locally.

Nokia Drive. A car navigation app that includes full offline support without the necessity of data connection and cover more than 100 countries across 6 continents.

Contacts Transfer. This solution uses Bluetooth connection in order to connect to an old phone and import data into Windows Phone People Hub.

Podcasts. I'm an avid listener of podcast and its good thing that Windows Phone support this functions. But not all podcasts are available, you can sync it manually from the Zune PC software using an RSS feed.

SkyDrive. Although Nokia Lumia 710 does not have an expansion slot, there is SkyDrive now, which is additional 25GB cloud storage you can sync OneNote notes and SkyDrive-based Office documents and other important files

Marketplace. Just like any other mobile platform, Windows Phone have it’s own app store and the price is set locally where you set your country of origin.


There's more...

I did some more configurations on the Nokia Lumia 710 but that can be explained in future articles.

Day 2 Adventure, Windows Phone 7 capable smart phones on the planet and the camera.


  1. That's a very snazzy-looking phone! What's the sticker price?

  2. I got a Windows Phone too, an HTC Mozart. The OS is really snappy and integration to my Windows Desktop OS is seamless. Love the skydrive too :)

  3. btw, your banner? is it really AbodoTech? just askin :)

  4. Smart is the exclusive carrier for this Lumia 710, its FREE for plan 1000

  5. Sometime I hate Nokia but this time I think I'll consider it

  6. I like Nokia phones. Will consider this model or a similar one when I get a new phone.

  7. Of course I will always be an avid fan of Nokia.

  8. Wow, another competitor for the iPhone. How much does this gadget cost? Would love to know the price difference when compared to the iPhone. =)

    1. Well I think iPhone is still way more pricey compared to this smartphone.

  9. Amazing phone, but I still want the Nokia Lumia 800. They're both available now here in the Philippines

  10. Do you recall how much would it cost? I need to get one soon. ^_^

  11. Wow kuya Bam! Astig! Penge! Ha ha ha! Akin na lang yan! Ha ha ha!

  12. When I read this particular line, "Every time I got a new device, I make sure I commit time to get to know not only it’s capabilities and functionality but also get to know it’s Operating Systems"... I was like, "ME TOO!" lol

    Whenever I purchase a new phone, I always get sleepless for about several nights consecutively and become overly very self-occupied. It's fun discovering and personalizing them, right? Nice new phone you got there!

  13. This is an excellent new gadget and I just hope the features will not affect the quality of speed in terms of the OS and other apps.
    I wish I can have one too.

  14. nice...but I basically use my phone only as a back-up. I am a Nokia user myself but I am thinking of a Samsung once I decide to upgrade, if ever.