May 11, 2012

Apple to ditch Google Maps in iOS 6, Apple’s Own Maps To Debut With 3D Mode,

Google Maps is the official mapping service that iPhone uses since it launched in 2007, well that’s about to change sooner than we might expect.
google maps
Since the competition to mapping supremacy is between Apple and Google, there are already a lot of news that Apple wishes to eradicate it’s competition. This could be the main reason why they want to offer it’s own mapping service in place in the upcoming version of iOS.
Sources of 9to5mac have offered confirmation, while also going into some detail about the upcoming improvements.

We could expect this features to be one of the highlights in the upcoming iOS 6 launch, according to report on the matter the new version will step things up quite a few notches – offering a stunning 3D mode. Apple’s in-house service will reportedly be based on mapping technology it acquired from purchasing Placebase, C3 Technologies and Poly9.
If this is a sample on what we can expect from this mapping service, well I’m already excited to see this on my iPhone and iPad’s.
Resource: Redmondpie

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