May 16, 2012

Google Chrome Web Browser For iPhone and iPad coming Soon?

One of the most love browser in desktop will soon be available in in portable devices such as iPhone and iPad. If this is true, users will have a better alternative from the default Mobile Safari.

ios-5 chrome-ios

sure Safari Mobile is a great browser for iOS devices, but a better alternative is always welcome. Google, is developing Chrome for the fruit company’s ecosystem – an app which could be finished as early as this quarter.

Google’s Chrome browser have dominated the desktop arena for years they have grown to very quickly become one of the most used browsers

Chrome and Safari both use the WebKit layout engine, which would make a move to iOS easier for Google than Mozilla, but the most likely browser Google can put on iOS will be a “re-skinned version” of mobile Safari using iOS UIWebView tools, Siegler wrote.

So it will be a battle of mobile browsers from Firefox for Android Safari Mobile  from Apple Internet Explorer for Windows Phone and now Google Chrome from Google – now users have a choice on which is the better browser for mobile.

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