June 09, 2012

SMART - Free Facebook offering for everyone!

Sun Cellular have this similar offering to their prepaid subscribers before. Now SMART subscribers, whether postpaid or on prepaid, can now enjoy free Facebook.


I believe they have this before when they launched their Facebook mobile app for feature phones, and if you we’re able to install it you get to enjoy free Facebook Access for 3 months.

Now they are bringing it back and not only is the free Facebook for all SMART subscribers, but it could be here for good. Let’s Hope…

Starting June 8, access to Facebook will be offered free for over 50 million Smart subscribers, and they can get on the social networking site with virtually any kind of cellphone they have in their hands.


To get started, Smart subscribers simply need to text FB to 211, then click on the download link which will be sent via SMS for free. Simply follow the instructions to get the ‘Facebook Mobile App’ always on, ready to use, unli, and for free, with a P1 maintaining balance.

So what are you waiting for, Facebook all you want.

Read the Full press release from Smart

Note: The free offer is only for access to Facebook, and regular charges will apply when a user clicks on a link to browse photos, videos, news articles or any other content outside of Facebook. Users must also set the Smart site as their mobile browser’s home page to ensure that no charges will apply upon start of browsing.

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