July 20, 2012

Create your Own Custom The Dark Knight Rises Tumbler

Ever wanted to have your own version of the Dark Knight Tumbler! I know I do want my own design of the Bat-Pod.

cutom tumbler-adobotech

The Dark Knight Rises’ Tumbler Designer, exclusively revealed by Wired, is a worthy way to bring back the ominous vehicle, which director Christopher Nolan rechristened for his film trilogy (although its clearly influenced by the Bat-tank from Frank Miller’s 1986 comic The Dark Knight Returns).

“The Tumbler was built as a bridging vehicle for the military,” The Dark Knight Rises co-producer Jordan Goldberg told Wired, explaining the Batmobile’s place in the Nolanverse. “Since the bridging capability didn’t work, the project was abandoned and returned to the archives of Wayne Enterprises’ Applied Sciences division, where Bruce Wayne and Lucius Fox ultimately found another use for it. We all know what Bruce’s color of choice is, but now you get to choose.”

tumbler designer

The Tumbler Designer is easy to use and in just no time you will have your own masterpiece that you can download as a wallpaper and you can also show off your design in the Dark Knight Rises Tumbler Gallery.

So head over at and start designing your own custom tumbler. You can visit the Galley of custom Tumbler here: Tumbler Gallery

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