July 12, 2012

MOVIE ON “Ice Age 4: Continental Drift”

This is the 4th installment of this phenomenal successful Movie franchise, I still remember the first movie is about Sid, Manny and Diego’s becoming the best of friends.
This time the gang’s all back for another adventure and with more laughter and fun, I was able to watch this movie during the premier, and my friends and I really had fun watching this movie.
So let me tell you why! the before movie started there was a short clip with the Simpson “The Longest Daycare”, where Maggie Simpson saved a butterfly from being swat by a mean boy from the daycare.

As always this movie is started with Scrat’s quest for the nut has had consequences; Scrat and the object of his pursuits are nothing less than the catalyst for a cataclysm. Now I know how the continent was formed, just because of a simple nut.
Now Peaches’ (Manny’s daughter) is now grownup and biggest conflict with her dad stems from the increasing amount of time she’s spending with her teenage friends, especially Ethan, the famous Big Mammoth on Campus, voiced by hip hop sensation Drake.
Sid’s long-lost family also made an appearance in this movie where they left Granny to Sid’s care, but it turns out that Granny is a big part of this adventure and better watch out for her pet, it’s huge.
Sid Family-adobotech
The adventure started when Manny, Diego and Sid are swept out to sea on an iceberg following Scrat’s continental crack-up. They we’re separated with their herd.
ice-age-4 captured
Then they we’re faced with Sea Storm that it’s so strong it created a hurricane and they we’re swallowed by it. After this they encountered a pirate ship and got captured by Captain Gutt and his crew, thus preventing Manny in getting back to his family.
As always this movie is more fun with the adventure and family ties that keep this herd so close together. Don’t count our Scrat and his obsession with this Nut that keeps on re designing that earths landscape.
Overall this is a fun movie to watch in 3D so that you can appreciate the animation and get more laughter until the end. Expect to see more characters that will complete this herd and not to mention that Huge pet of Granny, and those cute little bears.
ICE AGE 4: CONTINENTAL DRIFT” is currently sailing in theaters nationwide from 20th Century Fox to be distributed by Warner Bros.


  1. I wasn't able to watch this one and was really looking forward to a review and glad you made a good one. Hopefully, I'll catch this one when they come up with a DVD.

  2. Enjoyed this film big time :))I can still remember the very first ICE AGE film I've seen when I was in highscool..grabe antagal na nun. Can't help but to appreciate it more and more.

  3. i wasn't able to watch this film, but when you said that there was a Simpson clip before the film, i guess i should have watched it.. bummer

  4. Waaahhh!! I wanna' watch this film! Sadly, it's showing in 3D and my eyes can't take the animation. Boo-hoooo-hooooo!

  5. Planning to watch this one. But heard it is only shown in 3D. Nah, thanks. Hahahahahahahaha. LOLs.

  6. i wanna watch! and a short clip of Simpsons this is awesome!

  7. Its a pretty cool movie as I have yet to watch the first three. ^_^

  8. I haven't seen this movie, I don't even remember if I saw the movie before that. I love this series, I hope there's download available. :)