July 24, 2012

Smart Launched: Smart Postpaid Freedom Plan

One of the disadvantage of having a postpaid plan is you have to pay a fix monthly amount whether you consumed your calls or text allocations. Now will it be great having a postpaid plan that you don’t have to worry about checking if you overspend your balance every once in a while.

Well Smart just announce, Smart Postpaid Freedom Plan.

The Freedom Plan is a flexible postpaid plan. It start with P 0.00 and you get billed on what you use only. This is a great alternative for those prepaid, that sometimes you wont find an store to get a load specially on wee hours.

checkout the Plans Available:

Smart Freedom Plan seems to target college students and employees and they even made the requirements very easy. A valid school ID (even if you’ve already graduated) or a company ID is all you need to apply, this eleminte the need for payslips and proof of billings. 

This is also a good start in building your credit history with the Freedom Plan.

Now, you can enjoy freedom from loading, fixed monthly service fees, lock-in periods and complicated applications.

Just text KEYWORD to 9990 (e.g. ALLTXT200 to 9990).
To those who don’t avail of any of the Freedom bucket services, the following standard rates shall apply.

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