July 17, 2012

Yahoo’s new CEO Marissa Mayer, With Background from Google

Yahoo ended it’s search for the it’s new CEO in the face of Marissa Mayer and she is top engineer from Google.
This gives Mayer, 37, the chance to run one of the biggest, most well known tech companies out there. "It was a reasonably easy decision," she told Sorkin and Rusli, calling Yahoo "one of the best brands on the Internet."

"I am honored and delighted to lead Yahoo!, one of the Internet's premier destinations for more than 700 million users," Mayer said.

Marissa Mayer. Was Google's first female engineer after joining the company in 1999, spearheaded many of its products, including the look of the search engine. She was Google’s VP for Search and User Experience, which says a lot for a company that’s all about the experience. And she was also right up there in the executive committee with the powerhouse duo of Sergei Brin and Larry Page (she and Larry used to date).
The 36-year-old, self-described "geek" joined Google in 1999 shortly after achieving a computer science masters from Stanford University. She is one of the youngest women on our list, and has been added to over 76,000 circles on June-launched Google+.
Yahoo chairman Fred Amoroso cited Ms Mayer's "unparalleled track record in technology, design, and product execution" and said those made her "the right leader for Yahoo".
In her '9 Principles of Innovation', she said she preferred "something working at the end of the day, something to refine and improve the next day", rather than "castle-building" for months.
"That's what we do: our 'launch early and often' strategy," she said.
"Learning what the market wants - and making it great. The beauty of experimenting in this way is that you never get too far from what the market wants. The market pulls you back."
Oh, and she’s also pregnant right now, so some are worried that she won’t be able to sustain any early momentum. This could be a good sign that Yahoo did make the right choice.
Now everybody in tech industry is all eyes on her if she can turn around and make Yahoo regains it’s business and market share in the industry.
Good Luck to the new CEO of Yahoo!

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