August 02, 2012

A First Look of the new

If you are one of the  early users of the Internet chances are you have an Hotmail email account, Hotmail was launched in 1996 and bought by Microsoft after a year. Today after 16 years of email service, Microsoft is making a big change to Hotmail.

The new Outlook-Adobotech 

One of this big change is Hotmail name will be no more, Microsoft is rebranding it to Sure the Hotmail website is still there, but this is a clear sign that Microsoft email will be the new Outlook.
So what’s new with

For starter, you need to signup to get your outlook email account, once you login to you will find that the interface design are simple and clean, it’s blue theme design is familiar since it’s a default theme in Windows and Windows Phone.

outlook inbox-Adobotech
outlook welcome-Adobotech
One of the easy features that I find is adding up another email account like Gmail to my, all you need to do is simply login to your Gmail account and it’s added to your inbox.
One of the features that I'm looking forward is the integration of Skype in, just like Gmail have Google voice.

So better get your desired account sooner, because who knows your desired name is already taken. Get it here now:

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