August 26, 2012

Mozilla Philippines HTML5 & Firefox OS Roadshow

Last August 22, Mozilla Philippines held its first ever HTML5 & Firefox OS roadshow, it was held at Valero Telepark Makati City.

mozilla event-Adobotech

See the rest of the pictures here: Mozilla Philippines

The event showcase technology from Mozilla, headed by Community Manager Eusebio “Jun” Barrun, Jr. where he talks about the different builds of Firefox.

firefox nightly-adobotech
This build is the release that is being updated every night. Get it here Firefox Nightly

firefox aurora-adobotech
This build is the browser tomorrow that you can use today, get it here Firefox Aurora

firefox Beta-adobotech
This version of Firefox is the Beta, get it here Firefox Beta

Current Release of Firefox, get it here Firefox

Here’s a trivia, did you know that you can run all the different releases of Firefox on your computer at the same time. 

On the other hand, Robert Reyes, MozillaPH Regional Localization leader presented Boot to Gecko project. Launched in 2011, the Boot to Gecko project will fully enable the Web as the platform for mobile devices. At Mobile World Congress in February 2012 we announced our initial development partners, and provided a demo of a prototype.


The project’s proposed architecture eliminates the need for apps to be built on platform-specific native APIs. Using HTML5, developers everywhere can write directly to the Web; they can create amazing user experiences and apps unencumbered by the rules and restrictions of closely controlled platforms.
To that end, we started a project we’re calling Firefox OS, formerly Boot to Gecko (B2G), to pursue the goal of building a complete, standalone operating system for the open web. It requires work in a number of areas:
  • New web APIs: build prototype APIs for exposing device and OS capabilities to content (Telephony, SMS, Camera, USB, Bluetooth, NFC, etc.)
  • Privilege model: making sure that these new capabilities are safely exposed to pages and applications
  • Booting: prototype a low-level substrate for mobile devices (phones and tablets)
  • Applications: choose and port or build apps to prove out and prioritize the power of the system.
We will do this work in the open, we will release the source in real-time, we will take all successful additions to an appropriate standards group, and we will track changes that come out of that process. We aren't trying to have these native-grade apps just run on Firefox, we're trying to have them run on the web. Read more about the Firefox OS at

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Expect more roadshow to come from Mozilla Philippines

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