August 20, 2012

Next Generation iPhone 5, Show's a new Dock and Headphone Assemblly with a new Casing

As the announcement of the upcoming iPhone is getting nearer, there are a lot of of rumors on what will be the design. The most significant rumors about one of the major changes on the upcoming new iPhone is its dock connector and headphone assembly.

At an Apple authorized repair company has able to fit the docking port and headphone jack assembly into the new iPhone's frame/back casing and according to them seemed to fit perfectly inside of the frame.


From the look if it, the headphone is now at the bottom and the speakers have more larger space because of the smaller dock connector.

This this image the dock and headphones parts fit together extremely well, even the screw holes and components lining up perfectly.

Again! this not an evidence that this will be the design of the iPhone 5, but it does provide additional information that it these new parts will be used together. It also provide a better visual idea on what will the next iPhone will look like.

sources: Macrumors and iresq website

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