August 07, 2012

The Great Samsung Thank you! SALE

Another SALE event, this time from Samsung the maker of the great Samsung Galaxy S III and other Android Smart Phones.

SAMSUNG Thank you SALE-ADobotech

This SALE event started last August 4, and will last until September 2, 2012. Head over to their official Store partner to avail of the sale phones.


If you are looking for the Samsung Galaxy S III, well too bad it’s not included in the sale of devices but at least you get to have a FREE protective case with it, there are still other good choices though like the Samsung Galaxy Tab and Samsung Galaxy Note.

SAMSUNG List-Adobotech
SAMSUNG List2-Adobotech
SAMSUNG List3-Adobotech

So if you are looking to replace that old clunky phone that you are using now! Why not give a Samsung Phone a try and visit the participating stores to get your new Smart Phone.

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  1. I worked at an appliance store before and got to sell some Samsung phones. I have to say they possess high quality.