September 14, 2012

5th gen iPod touch Philippine Price: Php 16,490 Available in October

Looking forward in getting the 5th Gen iPod! Me too..

Pre-Order of the 5th Gen iPod touch is now available in Apple Store, you now choose one of these colorful new iPods, and place your order, expect it to be ship in October.

As stated in the Apple Store you can only order a limit of 2 per customer for this iPod, but I'm pretty sure we will see this in some of the black market sooner than the official availability on a much steeper price of course.

There are only 2 storage capacity to choose that is 32GB and 64GB compared to the previous 4th Gen. iPod Touch that you can still get, the 16GB for Php 10,990 and the 32GB for Php 13,690.

Want to know more about the 5th Gen iPod touch update and upgrades. read more about it here: Ipod Touch 5Gen Upgrades


  1. ang mura nman ang daya 16k for 32 gig.. huhuhu dati ang mahal mahal ng 32 gig 19k kaso 3rd gen yun noon.

  2. I agree! I Also got the 3rd Gen. and now mas maganda, mabilis and the camera is also great on this device. it's really worth it to upgrade...

  3. mura ba kamo? horrible pricing nga e considering yung presyo nya sa abroad.
    13 to 14k sana ayus na..

  4. when might the price decrease for itouch 5?

  5. What is the current price now for iPhone 5? Overpriced ba talaga?

    Are there any Product Demo Video or Product Introduction Video for this device that discusses the new features?