September 29, 2012

Gadget ON: Western Digital MY Passport 2TB for Mac Review

Portable hard drives capacity are getting that Terabyte space capacity, this is because demands for this are also getting higher. Now typically portable had drives differentiate themselves with its speed, capacity and connectivity now many supports USB 3.0.

Western Digital My Passport recently introduced the new My Passport for Mac with the increased capacity up to 2TB with USB 3 interface.

My Passport for Mac is already formatted HFS+ Journaled for Mac OS X, but it can also be reformatted for Windows 7 PC use. Suggested Retail Prices of PHP 3,790 for the 500GB, PHP 4,990 for the 1TB and PHP 8,990 for the 2TB.
For this review I’ve chosen the 2TB version, because well it's the biggest capacity that WD have and I want to feel and and test if I can fill-up that 2TB storage with whatever digital stuff I have.

Tech Specs.
Capacity 500GB / 1TB / 2TB
Interface USB 3.0 / USB 2.0


The Package is simple and a bit heavy for my expectations from a portable hard drive.

WD-Contents  WD-2TB

Package Contents
  • Portable hard drive
  • USB cable
  • Quick Install Guide
The package contents is surprising simple too, The My Passport drive is encased in a plastic mold casing where I also found the the USB 3.0 cable.

WD-pack  WD-packing back  

I find the My Passport drive build solid and felt good on my hands, I also think that it can handle some drops if ever it encounter one.

WD-Hands on  WD-Back

                              Height                      Depth                  Width                     Weight
                          0.820 Inches             3.24 Inches         4.36 Inches            0.51 Pounds

Features and Software's
Since this drive is already formatted for Mac OS X, you can plug it on any available USB port and start using i t right away.


With it’s huge capacity I enabled my time machine to make a full backup of my drive which is 500GB, with usage of 390GB.

WD Drive Options


I tested how fast can it copy a 10GB test folder and it only took my 2 min. 40 sec. to finish the task. The Bundled software that comes with this drive are WD Security and WD Drive Utilities.

WD Apps

The WB Drive Utilities includes the following tools.

Diagnostics – Perform a S.M.A.R.T. (Self-Monitoring, Analysis, and Reporting Technology) what it does is check the status to predict a potential drive failure.
Quick Drive Test – It preform a full media scan to detect bad sectors, I did not test this because I’m sure it will take a long hours to scan this large size drive.
Sleep Timer – This can use to set the time of idle where the drive goes to sleep mode.
Drive Erase – Can b use to format the drive to your chosen volume either HFS+J or ExFAT.

WD Diagnostics

WD Security – is a tool where you can setup a security password to the drive, so that when others cannot access it.

Transfer rate is really fast if you are using USB 3.0 and you can fully use the capability since it is designed to performed well on that interface. On a USB 2.0 it also performed well too. There is notification light that is located besides the cable connector and you will know if the drive is being access because of the blinking light.

If you are looking for a portable drive that have a huge storage capacity, WD MY Passport 2TB should be able to give you more than enough storage you need, not to mention with it’s solid and sturdy design, you can easily bring this along with you wherever you go, just make sure you use the WB Security just in case you might get it lost or someone borrowed it from you and they will need to ask you for your password.


  1. I really should do this to my macbook. I'll get a new hard drive soon though I also like Western Digital brands and its one of the brands I appreciate.

  2. I was looking for such which will give me more usuage capacity portable drive and I just get it there.

  3. The tech world is improved with so much gadget, but i like large space of hard disk and Ram for phone or laptop

  4. have the very same brand and i liked it, until it fell and now it's not working. wahhhh.. i need a new one! :(

    1. You can have it check at WD website, I think they have 5 years of warranty for the hard drive.

  5. The hubby and I need this for our gazillion photos!!

    1. Yup you can store a lot of photos with this large capacity...

  6. wow! 2TB? Salivating! I need to have this passport because I have lots of files to transfer.

  7. how about long usage, does it get hot? Let's say you when you backed-up all your system, did it get hot?

    1. It did get a bit hot, but I think it's normal temp. because it was being access for more than 3 hours to get the time machine to finish its job .

  8. wow! that's a lot storage capacity. you can store a lot of data and information there.

  9. WOW! Another great invention for geeky/techy people.

  10. My Passport Drive has a big space for storage and can transfer files very fast. This feature is very much welcome. I like this kind of innovation for Mac.

  11. I just bought a WD HDD 1TB yesterday and it's fantastic. It's a bit smaller and more compact than my current 500GB Seagate HDD plus it feels very solid. It's not very fast as file transfers go, but hey, it's the space and affordability that counts!

  12. I'm not a Mac user, but I would say that external hard drives are a must for every computer user, especially for backing up important files. A hard drive crash is always possible.

    1. OK, I got a little dazed there. So it can be used for the PC, too. Great. Something to keep in mind the moment I decide to buy another external hard drive. :)

    2. Yes! you can re-format it so that you can use it on your Windows base pc. then you can also download the free tools for Windows version.

  13. Wow!! This is nice Kuya Bam. I just got myself the 1T from Seagate the other day and they had it also compatible for my Mac already. These days, gadgets/storage like this is really helpful. Aside from freeing up space and optimizing the performance of the computer, this is also great to protect our files from the ongoing hacking activites that's going on now.

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  15. I think I have to consider buying this one, I have so much files and I need a great back up.

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