September 19, 2012

GLOBE PUBLIC ADVISORY on New Modus Operandi targeting its Postpaid and Prepaid subscribers

To all Globe Subscribers! Better read this and take precautions!

Globe Telecom warns the public of a new modus operandi targeting its postpaid and prepaid subscribers through an online payment platform that allows subscribers to buy digital goods from gaming and social networking sites using their mobile phones. Purchase of these items are charged to the postpaid bill or deducted from prepaid credits. 

The scam involves a fraudulent person posing as a Globe customer service representative and calling a Globe postpaid subscriber, telling the subscriber that Globe is giving away rewards to eligible postpaid customers. To redeem the reward, the subscriber is asked to give the fraudster a set of pin codes from sender “2800”. Upon retrieval of the pin codes, the fraudster will use the codes to buy items online and charge all purchases to the subscriber’s postpaid account. Globe is currently in talks with the said online platform to investigate the issue.

Another type of fraud is duping subscribers to send prepaid load via texting. This happens when a Globe subscriber is deceived into sending a text message to the fraudster, where the content of the text is the prepaid load amount, and the number, masked as a “reference number”, is the actual number of the fraudster, where “0” is replaced with “2”. Upon successful sending of the “fraudulent message”, the Globe subscriber has already unwittingly done a share-a-load transaction with the fraudster.

Globe is urging the public, especially its subscribers, to take the necessary precautions to avoid falling victim to scams.  Subscribers are requested to validate unusual texts and calls especially those coming from strangers. Texts and calls of this nature have a primary motive of asking for personal information, soliciting money or prepaid load, or using your account to purchase items online. It is best NOT TO RESPOND, and immediately report suspicious texts or calls to the following authorized Globe customer service channels.

·         Via Talk2Globe hotline at 211, toll-free from any Globe Mobile phone or through landline number (02)730-1000 (toll-free from any Globe landline nationwide);
·         Via CHAT on the Globe website, (
·         Via Facebook, (
·         Via Twitter, send a private message directed to @Talk2GLOBE
·         Via SMS, text HELP send to 1234.

If you don't want to be the next victim make sure you contact Globe CSR anything suspicious request you get. Just remember Globe CSR won't need your password/pin to access your account.

Be Safe Everyone...

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