September 05, 2012

iPhone 5, Will be Announce on Apple September 12 Event

The long wait is over, all those speculations about the upcoming iPhone 5, will get closure on September 12 which will be a big event for the flagship product of Apple.

As you can see from the official invite the shadow of the number 12 is the number 5, its clear that the next iPhone will be iPhone 5.
So what can we expect to the next iPhone!

A larger Screen Size is a certain, nowadays 3.5 inch screen seems a bit too small, 4 inch screen size should be the new standard for Smartphones. Connectivity, high-speed LTE connection appears a certainty. The new dock connector is also a possible update, if this will be the new standard, this means that user accessories will not work with the new iPhone.

One thing is clear, is that the new iPhone will be powered by the new iOS 6, that was announce last June. 

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