September 11, 2012

Payroll Cloud - Globe Business entry to CLoud Software as a Service

Cloud computing is here to stay, and Businesses have to adopt to this changes, it's not the question if corporate business will adopt it, it's the question now on when they are going to implement it.

What is CLoud Computing:
Cloud computing is the use of computing resources (hardware and software) that are delivered as a service over a network (typically the Internet). The name comes from the use of a cloud-shaped symbol as an abstraction for the complex infrastructure it contains in system diagrams. Cloud computing entrusts remote services with a user's data, software and computation.  Get more information here: Cloud Computing

Globe Business last September 10 announce their newest offering, that is PayrollCLoud its a solution for SME's up to Enterprise Companies for Business Payroll needs.

For business owners, the time and effort spent in doing payroll and ensuring its accuracy and regulatory compliance could have been spent on improving business and closing more deals.


What is PayrollCloud
Globe Business PayrollCloud eliminates the hassles of manual payroll by providing easy and cost effective way of processing the compensation of all the members of your workforce. It simplifies the payroll processing tasks and it effectively manages your employees’ time and attendance to accomplish your payroll.

This Cloud Service,  have full support for a number of biometric devices allowing you to time-in and time-out using different biometric device technologies.  Migrating is also a snap because you can use the output Excel file form your existing payroll system.

Globe Business PayrollCloud Features:
  • Multi-company support
  • Flexible Approval Group
  • Time Station
  • Payroll Run Wizard
  • Company Wizard
  • Government Compliance
  • Built-in E-Bundy Clock
  • Fully Integrated System
  • Employee Self-Service
  • Employee Inquiries
  • Biometric Integration
  • Import Function
  • Multiple Payroll Period Types
  • Flexible and Powerful Payroll Calculations
  • Financial Integration
The Packages:

Basic Package - Php 3,400/Month*
  • Payroll computing engine, automated report generation for government required remittances
Advance Package - Php 4,000/Month*
  • Payroll computing engine, automated report generation for government required remittances
  • Time and Attendance Report
  • Leaves Management
Pro Package - 4,400/Month*
  • Payroll computing engine, automated report generation for government required remittances
  • Time and Attendance Report
  • Leaves Management
  • Employee Self-service(expense submission and reimbursement via payroll)
* Pricing applies to 25 employees max, Pricing for companies with more than 25 employees also aviable.
They offer FREE Trial of the service just visit  PayrollCloud website and click on the FREE Trial button.

Learn more about what Globe Business PayrollCloud and other Globe Business products and services can do for you by visiting PayrollCloud website or calling +632 730-1010.  

Press Release:

SIMPLY BECAUSE THE PAYROLL process is so important, it is also one of the most tedious, painful processes within the office environment.

The time, effort, and stress involved in making payroll are similar for small, medium, or large companies. Is there a way to make the process easier and less costly to business owners? All companies are legally required to comply with tax payment and tax filing requirements set by the government.

The required remittances are not only to the BIR but to other agencies like Pag-IBIG, SSS, GSIS, or PhilHEALTH—and all these must be computed and processed for each of the company’s employees—all in all a tedious, complicated and error-prone process if done manually. Workers and employers are all-too familiar with the problems that arise from a manual payroll process: salaries of employees get delayed; errors in the remittances of taxes result in very inconvenient audits by the BIR; incorrect or delayed submissions of employees’ SSS, GSIS, or Pag-IBIG contributions prevent them from availing of their benefits. More commonly, errors in the process of computing employees’ daily attendance or leaves of absence result in inappropriate deductions from their salaries and leave credits.
All of these problems result in conflict at the workplace, which adds pressure and stress to the business. “Business owners and their accountants know that the payroll process has many ‘pain points’. Encoding and reviewing information is tedious and still prone to error. There are external summary reports to be made, like the ones for bank debit memo and remittances for government agencies. “For those using a manual payroll process, back-tracking for files is difficult because data are on hard copy.

Due to all these pain points, it’s better for a company to rely on a computerized payroll system. “The usual downside to a computerized payroll is the high cost—but now Globe Business is offering such a system at a much more affordable price, so that even SMEs can afford it,” said Boboy Romero, Globe Business Head. Ideal payroll solution According to Romero, there is an ideal solution to payroll woes: that solution is Globe Business PayrollCloud. Simply put, Globe Business PayrollCloud eliminates all the problems and hassles that arise from the payroll process with just a mouse-click from the office computer.
Globe Business PayrollCloud uses advanced Cloud technology to store and process a company’s payroll data. Essentially, what happens is that the company is using advanced computer hardware and software within the Globe Business network to process their payroll. Cloud technology is a much preferable alternative for SMEs who wish to enjoy the benefits of a computerized payroll system without the high cost. “When a small or medium entrepreneur subscribes to Globe Business PayrollCloud, he’s paying for the use of advanced computer hardware and payroll software, which is at a very minimal cost. He no longer needs to invest in buying software and hardware. And yet, he would still be using advanced computerized payroll software similar to what the large corporations use. “A good example would be to compare it with paying for our electricity at home.

We’re not the ones who buy a power plant. We don’t pay for the oil or the fuel or the hydro-electric generator. We don’t pay for the miles of electric cable, towers, and transformers. It’s the electricity provider who invests in all of that. All we pay for is the use of the electric power,” Romero explained. Large corporations, Romero said, can afford to invest hundreds of thousands of pesos in computer software, hardware and other logistical support just to make sure their payroll process is accurate, on-time and reliable. SMEs who can’t make the same investment, however, would be able enjoy similar benefits of having an advanced payroll system simply by using the advanced Cloud technology provided by Globe Business. “It’s already Globe Business who invested in the hardware and software infrastructure that compose our Cloud network. An SME would only need to pay for the use of such technology for its payroll system,” Romero said. The new PayrollCloud system by Globe Business has many advantages for SMEs, including the following: Lower cost Globe Business PayrollCloud monthly subscription, which includes 2 Mbps DSL, can be as low as P3,400. System upgrades are installed for free. Globe Business PayrollCloud also frees the employer from additional cost of investing in hardware (computer servers, etc.), including the cost of the hardware and high monthly power bills.

The employer is also spared from additional monetary and time costs entailed by personnel training, since Globe Business PayrollCloud system is so easy to learn. The subscription comes with an easy-to-understand tutorial, quick start guide and a user manual. Customized Globe Business PayrollCloud is scalable to fit the requirements of any company, from SMEs to large corporations. It is already compliant with Philippine regulations. It can be modified to accommodate the special needs of a particular business. This scalability also helps bring down cost: the features of Globe Business PayrollCloud may be scaled up or scaled down, and the subscriber only pays for the features the he or she needs to use Secure, fast, and convenient Since the Globe Business PayrollCloud system is operated through the highly-advanced and reliable servers of the Globe network, a company needs very little preparation to implement the system. All that the company needs is an office computer and a Globe Business Internet connection. “Data security is a global concern and that is one area where the Globe telecom network is an expert at—we have a highly secure network that protects all subscribers’ information.

Also, having the Globe network as Cloud provider means lets the customer enjoy high-capacity and high-availability of Internet connections. For example, the Internet capacity of our Cloud system is ten to twenty times greater than that of other providers,” said Romero. Globe Business PayrollCloud also offers entrepreneurs the added convenience of talking only to one provider, Globe Business, for the payroll system, the wireline and wireless connectivity, and other business solutions.

Cloud Since the Globe Business PayrollCloud system is on the World Wide Web, it is accessible anytime and from any place where there’s an Internet connection. This gives concerned personnel the freedom and convenience to use the system even when outside the office.

Learn more about what Globe Business PayrollCloud and other Globe Business products and services can do for you by visiting or calling +632 730-1010.


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