September 24, 2012

Perxclub: The Digital Loyalty Card, that will Rule all Loyalty Card

Almost all stores nowadays offer loyalty cards that let you earn points while shopping and can be exchange for additional discounts or another product. One of the main problem is stuffing those loyalty cards on your wallet and you wont have enough rooms for your other important I.D. not to mention there are a lot of chances that you can lose that plastic card.

What if you can get a digital loyalty card of your favorite shops and easily monitor all your spending's and accumulated stamps and be able to use them by using only your smartphones, and much more features that a simple plastic membership card can't do!!!

Why there's a new app on town that just do that, have you heard about Perxclub?

What is Perxclub you say?
Perxclub is a Mobile App that digitizes the rewards programs of premier brands in the country. It comes pre-loaded with digital loyalty cards and exclusive perks and freebies from Partner Merchants.

Better watch this Video to know more about Perxclub

Now that you know what Perxclub app can do, it's time to download it on App Store for iOS Devices and for  Android Devices don't worry about it, expect it so be available soon on Google Play.

Download it here: Perxclub iOS for FREE!!!! 

Once you have downloaded the Perxclub App to your phone, you can click on the “Login with Facebook” button to easily register using your Facebook account. If you don’t have a Facebook account, you can choose the option “Create Account”. Then, enter your valid email address and desired password to register.

Better register using Facebook to enjoy all the features of the App such as Play for a Prize, interacting with friends, Leadership Circle, etc.

Here's how easy to get you start earning shose stamps you need to redeem great rewards.

So all you have to do is use the app to scan the QR code from the cashier after the payment to get a Perxclub Stamp, once you have completed the required number of stamps needed you can now redeem it for rewards by simply presenting it to the merchants. 

You can also earn special perks and freebies by checking out the Specials of the Month, under the Cards Tab or by playing for a prize, after you've earned a stamp. The perks and rewards are simply endless with Perxclub!

I know what you are thinking, now that you have downloaded and registered to Perxclub where can I go shopping and start earning those stamps! Well you can get the lists of of their Partners here: Perxclub Partners List

Now! this is one pack Loyalty card! you won't find that in other plastic loyalty card!

Don't forget to visit their Facebook page: for news and updates.


  1. Wow the things they come up with. Thanks for posting..

  2. Bongga! Pero sana dumating na yung version for Adroid!

  3. I luv the fact that BonChon and Wendy's are their merchants.

  4. Its starting! Filipino creators for the win!

  5. Interesting post..I think you use plastic card printing for it. Isn't it.

  6. Remarkable information..going for plastic cards printing for these cards is best as it makes them durable and long lasting....

  7. What a great idea. I also think it would be a good idea to have a single card that can be programmed for multiple vendors.

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