September 09, 2012

Review ON: Antec 3X Strength Wipes Screen Cleaning Wipes

Buying gadgets these days is great! from laptops to tablets down to smartphones, most of these gadgets need some cleaning too, I found this Antec Cleaning Wipes made specifically for cleaning gadget screen.

Introducing 3X Strength Wipes, an Antec Advance Cleaning Solution created to keep your electronic devices flawless and functional. 3X Strength wipes are anti-bacterial to maintain a germ-free device germ-free and contain zero alcohol & ammonia. To clean your device, simply power it off and thoroughly apply a wipe to your screen. 3X Strength Wipes are available in a convenient 20-wipe travel-size pack and a 100-wipe family size pack.

Perfect for monitors, laptops, tablets, smartphones, gaming devices and more: Protect your investment with Antec Advance Cleaning Solutions, the best solution for a clean screen!  

The Packaging comes with 20 wipes with individual sachet pack, this is good because you can always carry one for yourself every-time you travel and have your gadgets with you.

This Antec Cleaning Wipes is no ordinary wipes, its also Anti-bacterial, Anti-static and Alcohol and ammonia free.

The individual sachet is handy and you can always bring one on your gadget bag so that when the time that you need to clean your loved gadget you can always do so.

Once you opened the cleaning wipes it looks like an ordinary wipes that is moist, I tried it on my iPod Touch I turned off the device first and removed it from the protective case and wiped the screen and I noticed that it really removed some of the finger print and smudges. I cant really if it really cleaned the germs.

Since I only used one side, I decided to use the other side to clean the whole iPod Touch before putting it back to the protective case.

Overall! Since we are always busy and our gadgets are always in our hand, its always best practice to clean it because we would never know ion what germs we might get from it. 

You can buy the Antec Cleaning Wipes for only PHP 315 a pack for that 20 wipes. 

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  1. I'm usually fine using the bottom of my t-shirt :P