October 09, 2012

Angry Birds STAR WARS coming in November 8

Rovio is taking Angry Birds to the next level and now the Force is within the next upcoming game which is the Angry Birds STAR WARS.

Rovio announced the newest Angry Birds Star Wars  game on their tumbler blogsite, this is inline with the celebration of 35th anniversary of the iconic film STAR WARS.

Watch here the teaser Video for the STAR WARS Angry Birds:

The new game will be available on November 8 and it will support most mobile platform like  iOS, Android, Mac, Amazon Kindle Fire, Windows Phone, and Windows 8 users out there. 

For the Pricing, I'm pretty sure for iOS and Mac the rage will be from $.99 up to $4.99, most likely it will be the same for windows platform and for the Android users most likely it will be FREE... No details yet if it will support Blackberry and Symbian devices but lets not get our hope out, you'll never know..

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