October 31, 2012

Developers ON: IRRI and SMART present: BIGAS Hackathon

Head's up developers! here's another challenge for you, it's another hackathon but this time it will focus on helping our IRRI(International Rice Research Institute).

What it is:
BIGAS Hackathon is a two-day developer event and hackathon hosted by the International Rice Research Institute (IRRI) and Smart Communications, Inc.(Smart) and powered by SMART Developer Network (SMART DevNet), the developer community for Smart's technology platform. We're inviting existing and aspiring developers to create a web and/or mobile app that can be used to further enhance the impact of IRRI technologies especially in their delivery to farmers.


1. Register via the Eventbrite page.

2. Join our Facebook group at to get more info about the event as these are announced.

1. Form a team of 2-4 members in advance. If you don't have a team going to the hackathon, you are encouraged to find other hackathoners who don't have any teams yet. If you still don't have a team just before the hackathon begins, the organizers wil try to find you a team. A team must have a minimum of two members.

2. Join our Facebook Group at - we will be announcing a Hackathon Signup page here where you will need to provide details of a) your app name and description, b) the team name, and c) your team members.

3. Get ready with your ideas for your app. Teams are allowed to have pre-work. You can also start working on your app on the day of the hackathon itself.

4. At the end of the hackathon, all the groups registered for the hackathon will need to present their app via a live demo. The order of the presentations will be drawn by lots. Teams who are not registered cannot do a live demo and will not be eligible for any of the prizes.

5. We encourage everyone to join a team - even if you registered just to observe, you are strongly encouraged to be a participant-observer.

We’re looking for web and mobile apps which could help solve some of IRRI’s toughest problems. The challenges could be in such areas as:

  • Improving the collection and study of research data

  • Providing information and/or technologies to farmers or extension workers

  • Indexing library and other institute data

  • Improving institute processes and procedures

  • Storing survey data better, or speeding up survey data processing

  • Designing a digital moisture meter etc.
 CRITERIA that you must take note
 The app can be web based, mobile based or both & functionality is preferred.
•An App that people want - 25% (convince us market NEED for your app)
•An App whose time has come - 25% (convince us of the app's TIMING)
•An App that's clever (really!) - 25% (convince us of the app's INGENUITY)
•An App that's properly mashed-up - 25% (convince us of the app's INTEGRATION)
Did we tell you we have a prize for apps that connect to SMART APIs?

• Prizes will be awarded to the winning teams! Awesome freebies will be given to all registered participants.


Here's what to expect at the hackathon

November 10, 2012 (Saturday)
0930-1000am  Smart Live More Bus leaves Makati to shuttle NCR-based participants for free to IRRI
                        (Pick-up point at Smart Tower Valero Exit at Valero Access Road, Makati City)
1100-1200nn   Registration @ IRRI Auditorium
1200-0100pm  LUNCH
0100-0110pm  Opening Remarks by Marco van den Berg, IRRI Chief Information Officer and 
                        Dr. V. Bruce Tolentino, Deputy Director General- Partnerships and Communications
0110-0120pm  Smart’s Corporate Social Responsibility Programs (Steph Orlino, Smart)
0120-0130pm  About Smart DevNet (Paul Pajo, Smart)
0130-0145pm  Smart APIs (Smart DevNet team)
0145-0200pm  Hackathon Overview and Mechanics
0200-0215pm  IRRI Presentation of Problems                                 
0215pm onwards        HACKATHON PROPER @ IRRI Library 
FREE Lodging at IRRI for the night                                   

November 11, 2012 (Sunday)
0700-0800       BREAKFAST
0800-1000       Continuation of HACKATHON
1000-1200       Presentations @ IRRI Auditorium
1200-0100       LUNCH / Judging & Deliberations
0100-0130       Awarding / Group Photo

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