October 15, 2012

Gear 4 a new Breed of Speakers and docks for iOS Devices

Are you a music lover and love to share your music collection to your friends and families, but a bit shy in using the build-in speakers of your iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad gadgets. Well Gear 4 will do that job for you. Gear4 is owned and managed by UK-based Disruptive Limited just launch their series of speakers and docks. 

This year the British brand has partnered with Iontech, Inc. - the Philippines’ leading distributor for IT and consumer electronics - to introduce their speaker systems and accessories here in the country. Iontech believes that Gear4’s sound quality and the innovation that they introduce into every product from the entry level to the flagship models will make a big impression on the Philippine market.

Gear4 is owned and managed by UK-based Disruptive Limited. Established in 2004, Disruptive Limited was one of the first companies in the world to launch a dedicated brand of iPod accessories under the Podgear label. 
Since the re-brand to Gear4 in 2006, its’ products can now be found in many of the leading UK retailers. Gear4 currently holds one of the highest sales volumes in the European market for both the docking audio and MP3 accessory markets.

Gear 4 Showcase their line of Speakers from Portable, Home Speakers, Alarm Clock docks, Accessories and Angry Birds Collection.

Portable Speakers Collection:

HouseParty Portable Wireless

Specs and Pricing
  • App-Enhanced with SmartLink
  • Up to 16 hours of battery life
  • complete wireless control with SmartLink
  • Simple Bluetooth pairing
  • Customizable power 
  • charge port for other mobile devices
  • Php 6,690 SRP

StreetParty Wireless

Specs and Pricing
  • Stream music from any Bluetooth device
  • Rechargeable lithium-ion battery
  • Speakerphone
  • Up to 8hours battery life
  • Line-in port for use with other music players
  • Micro-USB Charging
  • Php 3,690 SRP
StreetParty Size 0 V2

Specs and Pricing
  • Powered by 4 pcs. of AAA batteries (not included) or power supply (included)
  • Line-in port for use with other music players
  • Charges iPod/iPhone (when powered by mains)
  • Ultra-compact design with metal grill for protection
  • On/Off light indicator
  • Auto-Standby
  • Php 3,590 SRP
Home Speakers

Gear4 AirZone Series 1

Specs and Pricing
  • AirPlay Enable
  • Enhanced Acoustic sound
  • FM Radio
  • Charges iPod/iPhone/iPad
  • One-time Setup
  • 6 EQ Settings
  • Remote Control
  • Php 11,590 SRP
HouseParty Rise 2 Wireless

Specs and Pricing
  • App-Enhanced with SmartLink
  • Bluetooth Technology with aptX
  • Auto-Sync Time and Alarms
  • iPad Charging / Playback with case Friendly Dock
  • Line-in port use with other music players
  • FM Radio
  • USB charging for other mobile devices
  • PHP 6,490 SRP
HoueParty 4-Evo

Specs and Pricing:
  • App-Enhanced with SmartLink
  • FM Radio
  • 7 EQ Settings
  • Remote Control
  • PHP 4,590 SRP

Angry Birds Speakers

The Angry Birds series are serious 2.1 speaker systems with 30 watts of amplification.  They will surely rattle more than a few sticks and stones to impress the most avid avian Fans.

For the complete line of their speakers and docks head over to  Gear4 homepage.


  1. Gosh I would like to have one for my ipod. I actually have been contemplating of getting one for the house so I can listen to my classical music and bossa nova while my son and I are studying during our homeschool lessons.

  2. Oh wow, these speakers could make a lot of difference in setting the right atmosphere in our house.

  3. I love portable speakers... especially the one featured here (Gear4). I've tried a G4 before, they produce high quality sounds.

  4. I would love to have one of those lovely and sturdy speakers for mobiles. I haven't tried any G4 product but this post is a bright eye opener for me.

  5. Love the speakers. My brother would definitely want to have these. He's crazy about music and takes time to buy the best speakers he could get.

  6. gusto ko yung angry bird speakers :-) ang cute na astig.

  7. Oh!! I like the streetwise party speakers.. Hmm.. Hope my budget will allow me to get this on Christmas. Haha!