November 27, 2012

EXL Family Day–Home Where I Belong

EXL Service Philippines Inc.; a transformation and outsourcing services provider for Global 1000 companies in the insurance, healthcare, travel, transportation, utilities and financial industries; held its third Family Day for its Philippine employees at the SM Mall of Asia Concert Grounds last October 7, 2012.
This year's EXL Family Day had the tagline “The Home Where I Belong”;. It drew more than 3,000 attendees, which was a significant increase from the previous year. An employee can bring in at most three (3) family members and upon registration at the event, they will be given their official meal stubs to be claimed at the popular restaurants that EXL brought in.

EXL Family Day

For this year, everyone enjoyed the delicious pork & chicken barbecue of Ineng’s BBQ, and the kids were completely thrilled by their Chicken & Spaghetti meals from Jollibee. Pepsi also generously donated 100 cases of drinks, their second year to sponsor drinks for EXL.

EXL Family

The event, which ran from 1:00 PM up 6:00 PM, included various activities: a fun program hosted by Richard Cabanez, Choi Balboa, and Nico Delenela, who are some of the most active members of ACTICOM (EXL’s Activities Committee, composed of the most passionate, active, and fun members who are responsible for EXL’s most creative and fun employee engagement activities), a burger eating contest sponsored by Uncle Cheffy (one of the many partners under the EXL Elite Card Program- EXL’s Employee Discount Card), a dance number from EXL Eurythmix (EXL’s Award-winning Dance Group, which was formed through EXL Got Talent way back in 2011) and live band music performed by Flow. Kids (and kids at heart) had endless fun playing at the inflatable giant slides at the playground.

The Plants vs. Zombies and basketball game booths were a huge hit to everyone as well. One of the highlights of the event was when Jollibee came out for 30 minutes to interact and dance with everyone. Adding to the surprise appearance of the well-loved Jollibee is Hetty, who also gamely posed for the cameras and made so many children happy.

EXL Familys

The annual EXL Family Day activity and exciting Process Parties aren't the only perks which an EXL employee can enjoy. Both Santiago and Tan mentioned monthly site wide activities like EXL Got Talent, Chorale Competition, Battle of the Brains, CSR programs and seasonal celebrations (e.g., Valentine's Day) which everyone looks forward to.

On a personal note: it's always good to see this kind of event that company make an effort to give their employee some great quality time with their family. This event make employees that they are special and in return they will be more productive in work!

About ExlService Holdings, Inc.ExlService Holdings, Inc. (Nasdaq:EXLS) is a leading provider of outsourcing and transformation services. EXL primarily serves the needs of Global 1000 companies from global delivery centers in the insurance and healthcare, utilities, banking and financial services, transportation and logistics, and travel sectors. EXL's outsourcing services include a full spectrum of business process management services such as transaction processing and finance and accounting services.
Transformation services enable continuous improvement of client processes by bringing together EXL's capabilities in decision analytics, finance transformation, and operations and process excellence services. Find additional information about us please visit and


  1. I bet the kids at this event had a whole lot of fun. As a kid, seeing Jollibee the mascot always bring a smile to my cute chubby face. But it's only now as a blogger did I had Jollibee all to myself--without other kids on my photos as extras. Kudos to EXL for having events such as family day!

  2. this looks like a big event.. honestly its my first time to hear EXL Service but i wish the company success and more events like this for their employees :)

  3. Look liked the EXL event is packed with food and activities and of course, Jollibee.

  4. EXL family event, i'm sure it was a fun day from the looks of those who participated in the event. I'm glad that EXL still practices activities like this very few companies involves families of employees in events because they fear that this will affect productivity.

  5. Wow, family oriented company! Great to see company like this still value a family fun day where one also mingle to other family just to bond and know each other.


    Jinkee Umali

  6. This is what I love about BPOs, they have activities that engages their employees and extends it to families. It's a good way to have a shift from demands of work to fun and family

  7. Very good always to see a company that treats not only its staff but also the staff's family. It is making their company a family of its own level.

  8. It's good that there are still companies like EXL that is family-oriented. A good incentive to their employees.. :)

  9. Kakatuwa naman to know that there are companies who hold such family-oriented events. I hope tuluy-tuloy lang ito. It's a great way to bond with employers, employees, and each others families.

    BTW, I'm curious about the Plants vs. Zombies game booth..hehehe. Gusto ko rin yun maexperience. (PVZ addict) :)

  10. There are only few companies that I know that have family-oriented events. It's a good way to boost the employees.