November 22, 2012

Gadget ON: Belkin Power Pack 1000 Review

Extra Backup Battery pack are really a necessary for today’s power hungry mobile devices, and that is why power pack/battery brick or whatever you call them, they are now popular accessories.

Belkin Power Pack-package-Adobotech

I recently got this Belkin Power Pack 1000, that can power up mobile phones and other mobile gadgets and get some extra juice on it. This power pack can charge your mobile phone one time and other smart phones including iPhone and iPod Touch.


 Belkin unbox-adobotech

The Belkin Power Pack 1000 is designed for mobile phones, since battery capacity is only 1000 mAh power, but you can also use this to give extra power but not fully charge your iPhone and other Smartphone's.
 The package contents is simple, the Belkin Power Pack, micro-USB cable for charging and recharging and a manual.
Belkin Power Pack contents-Adobotech

The initial charging was a long 8 hours before I was able to use it via a USB cable plug-in on my PC, after that it only took 3-4 hours to charge it again, there will be a blue light indicator to let you know that it’s fully charge.

Belkin Power Pack back part-Adobotech  belkin power switch-Adobotech

The included cable is only micro-USB cable that is use to charge the power pack and can also use to charge smartphones that support the same connector, if you have an Apple devices you will need to use your own cable unlike the MiLi Power Miracle which include almost most of the connector you need to charge every device you have.

 belkin and ipod-adobotech
There is a power button near the micro USB connector, I tried charging my iPod Touch and I was able to power it up more than half of the battery capacity!

Belkin android-Adobotech

After charging again the Power pack, this time I tried it on my Samsung Galaxy Phone with a smaller battery capacity and it was able to charge it for 90%% of battery capacity.

This power pack is handy companion with your smartphones, also with it’s small and compact design you can always bring it along with you. Because you’ll never know when you will need that extra power, with this you won’t have to reply an sms saying “Low Bat na ko”.

The Con’s, you need to bring extra USB cable to your other devices that does not support micro USB like the Apple products.

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