November 12, 2012

Gadget ON: Unboxing of Synology DS213air A 2-bay NAS Server for Home and Small Office Users

Here's something new! I recently received this package from Synology for a review, it's the DS213air: A 2-bay NAS server with built-in Wi-Fi and rich multimedia features for home and small office users.


Synology DiskStation DS213air is a one stop solution for wireless sharing, web applications and centralized storage. Specifically designed for small office and home users who need the convenient solution of wireless sharing capability with full-featured network attached storage, to share and protect data cost-effectively, while increasing productivity with comprehensive office applications.
This NAS Disk Station have (2) drive bays can accommodate 2.5″ or 3.5″ SATA drives with capacities of up to 4TB on network storage, with a Max capacity support up to 8TB total.
  • Built-in Wi-Fi access point capability extends network coverage
  • Wireless router option connects wireless devices at no extra cost
  • Central hub for file sharing & enhanced data security
  • Seamless multimedia enjoyments for digital living
  • Intuitive system installation via mobile devices
Here's The Unboxing
WP_002339  WP_002349

The package arrived via DHL service and the packaging perfectly fit the Synology Box.
WP_002356  WP_002357 

Here’s some images of the Box from taken from front side and back.
WP_002361  WP_002362

Now without anymore delay, Lets start unboxing this NAS DiskStation. Here’s the top view after opening it.
WP_002365  WP_002371 

The content includes the Power adapter, LAN cable, installation CD & Manual and of course the Synology DS213air DiskStation. Oh! I almost forgot there’s also exact number of screws 10 pcs. so better make sure that you don’t loose any of it.
WP_002390  WP_002389

Synology DS213air up close and personal, the word Synology is carved with grilled and serve to dispense heat as well. The front view is where the power switch, and notification lights for Status, WLAN and Disk1 & Disk2. At back is where the LAN connection, 2 USB 3, DC IN, Reset button WLAN switch (small red button) and exhaust fan.
WP_002394  WP_002395

Opening the DiskStation is easy, all you have to do is slide both sides apart and it will open to reveal the innards where you can put the 2 disk drives.

Speaking of the disk drive, folks at the Western Digital was so kind so provided 2 pcs. of NASware WD Red NAS Hard drive with 3TB capacity each to be use for this review.
WP_002397  WP_002398
WP_002399  WP_002400

As you can see, the inside of the DiskStation is really pretty simple, the disk controller, the exhaust fan, the logic board where the processor reside and hard drive bay.

Installing the disk drive is as easy as sliding it and connecting the other end to the SATA connector and your done.


There you go! It’s now ready to be use as a NAS Drive DiskStation. Tune in for the more detailed review of this Synology DS213air in the coming days.

Thanks for dropping by…..

For more information about the product you can visit their website here: Synology DS213air

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