December 11, 2012

Gadget Insurance you Say! There's the new Globe Gadget Care

Sure the best gadget these day are really expansive, specially those like Samsung Galaxy S3 and the new iPhone 5, what if you have a way to protect your gadgets from accidentally damaged or, worse, stolen.

Globe have a new new offering called "Gadget Care", well as the name suggests, it's a program for protection for that expansive gadget you have.
This is Gadget Care all about:

An another unprecedented milestone in the Philippine telecommunications industry, Globe Telecom unveiled the first-of–its-kind protection program for mobile phones and gadgets.

In partnership with leading global insurance provider Ace Insurance, Globe launched Globe Gadget Care, the complete mobile protection program exclusive to Globe postpaid subscribers.

All new and re-contracting postpaid subscribers availing of new devices under Globe My Super Plan will get Globe Gadget Care for free on the first month of subscription. For as low as P89 per month, subscribers can continue to enjoy the benefits of coverage against accidental damage, theft or robbery, and outstanding postpaid bill balance.

Meanwhile, existing postpaid subscribers who have non-brand new devices and even those whose handsets are not Globe-issued are also eligible to avail of the mobile protection service against accidental damage for as low as P199 monthly.

On top of mobile protection coverage, Globe Gadget Care also guarantees hassle-free handset replacement, easy claims processing, and worldwide protection coverage for all postpaid subscribers.
iPhone 5 buyers will get four months of free Gadget Care protection. 

But they’re not the only ones who can avail of free Gadget Care coverage. All new and re-contracting subscribers who are availing of a new handset under a My Super Plan will also get free Gadget Care protection. It’s only for a month, but hey, that’s still better than nothing and at the least you will have a bit more peace of mind should the unthinkable happen and your spanking new phone gets stolen from you on its very first day in your hands.

This got you Interested right? 

Here's what you do head on over to Globe’s Gadget Care website for the full details of the program.

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