December 06, 2012

Get the new iPad this Christmas at P14,990! on Globe

Globe is now offering The New iPad for Tattoo Plans with unlimited browsing starting at plan 499 and plan 999.

This is great Christmas gift for your love one and maybe even to yourself.
“With the iPad bundled with Tattoo, you could download your favorite YouTube videos seamlessly, upload and share your favorite photos in an instant, spread Christmas cheers with your friends and loved ones at amazing speeds of up to 7.2 Mbps and even create your own Christmas videos,” Ronquillo adds.

The Christmas price-slashed iPad comes at Plans P499 and P999 for Postpaid Plans with huge discounts on the cash-out for the prized tablet. Subscribers may also opt to purchase the iPad through affordable Prepaid plans.

“As our way of thanking our loyal subscribers and for those who have yet to experience the superior speed and unparalleled customer service of Tattoo, we are now offering the iPad for as low as P14,990 under Plan 999 at 16 GB. Subscribers could also save as much as P12,000 under Plan P499 with the iPad 64 GB,” Ronquillo adds.

Get your iPad with Tattoo Postpaid plans and get astronomical savings:

Tattoo Plan 999

16 GB New cash out: P14,990 Savings: P7,000.00
32 GB New cash out: P17,990 Savings: P 8,000.00
64 GB New cash out: P21, 990 Savings: P9,000.00

Tattoo Plan 999 come with UNLIMITED browsing.

Tattoo Plan 499
16 GB New cash out: P19,990.00 Savings: P9,000.00
32 GB New cash out: P23,990.00 Savings: P 10,000.00
64 GB New cash out: P21, 990 Savings: P12,000.00

Tattoo Plan 499 comes with 50 browsing hours.

For Prepaid plans, the Tattoo offer for the 16 GB is now only P23,990 (P6,000 savings); 32 GB at P27, 990 (P7,000 savings) and 64 GB at P31,990 (P8,000 savings).

Get the best Christmas deals on the iPad with Tattoo and enjoy as much as P12,000 savings! To know more about this amazing offer, go to or visit any Globe store nearest you.

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