December 16, 2012

Globe Business held an Exclusive Launch for SMB Owners of iPhone 5

It was the first day of iPhone 5 launch, and Globe Business invited Business (SMB) owners to get their iPhone 5 at their showroom located at Valero Telepark Makati.

Getting the iPhone 5 for all fans --lined up to be among the first in the Philippines to own the device. After completing some preliminary documentation, they were finally issued their very own iPhone 5 units. Since the iPhone 5 uses a Nano SIM, they had to replace their existing SIMS with a Nano version.

The process for this wil not take the customers more than 30 min. to finish the transactions and be able to use the new iPhone once they are outside.

There are even FREE foods and drinks for all customers, there are even accessories for the new iPhone 5 that business customers can buy at a discounted price.

Business Plus postpaid plans These plans’ costs and offerings depend on the type of iPhone 5 (iPhone 5, 16GB; iPhone 5, 32GB; and iPhone 5, 64GB) purchased. Business Plus subscribers have the option to amortize their iPhone 5.

Business Flex postpaid plans
Business Flex plans for the iPhone 5 offer fully consumable voice, texting, and mobile Internet features. Business Flex plan subscribers also have the option to register and use various Unli offers from Globe Business.

Business Flex plans are available in Flex 500, Flex 800, Flex 1200, Flex 1800, Flex 2500 and Flex 3500 packages with their corresponding P500; P800; P1,200; P1,800; P2,500 and P3,500 monthly consumable  subscription fees. Like Business Plus, the iPhone 5 devices acquired through Business Flex may be amortized depending on the type of iPhone device.

Here's another great deal, if you need any help at all about the new iPhone 5, there is an iPhone expect to help you in setting up your iPhone or anything you just need to know about it.      

For more information on Globe Business iPhone 5 plans, consult a Globe Business Account Manager; visit Globe any store; call the Globe Business Hotline at +632 730-1010 or log on to today.

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