January 03, 2013

End of the line for Netbook this year 2013

Well it looks like that its really end of the line for the Netbook category, it was the year 2009 when the first of it' kind emerged in the market as a new category in mobile computing.  A cheaper version of a Laptop.

Most of netbooks started out with a 7" inch Screen and soon there was a standard 10" inch screen that most PC manufacture adopted, and Intel produces a better low-powered Atom processors that power Netbooks. 
And now this year, we bid goodbye as the last 2 PC manufacturer of netbook, Asus and Acer, officially announced that they stopped the production lineup for this affordable netbook.

What could be the reason for this, well personally I think it's because tablets nowadays are getting cheaper and you can buy a bluetooth keyboard and you got both worlds of laptop and a touch device, this is possible because Google's Android  evolved to true Mobile OS.

Since this netbook will soon be a thing of the past I better keep my Asus Xh101H.

Source: Yahoo News

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