January 11, 2013

iZone-iHub! Where Ideas Leds to Development

What if I tell you that you that there is a place that you can be productive and even develop those Ideas that you have, not only that you can even use it's facilities like computers, internet connection and even coffee all for FREE....

You've read it right! iZone-iHub facilities is open of for students, professionals, and to everyone who want to do some work done on a your own personal space and time, and be assured that you don't have to worry on any bill later on. Best assured also that this place is secured and safe.

Not only that, this place also offers a lot more than internet connection and computers for those who don't have any laptop. This place can also be a place where you and your group can do have a collaboration on those long time projects that you we're planning.

I bet I got you interested to try it out, aso you might be asking is there really a place that you can do some real work, do meetings, use internet connection and have it all for FREE...

Well you have to check the place personally and experience it yourself, why not visit them at 12th Floor (Penthouse) Augustin Building Emerald Avenue, Ortigas Business Center, Pasig City 1605 and check what can the offer, oh! don't forget that FREE coffee...

You can also visit their official social network on Facebook : and follow them on Twitter : @iZoneiHUB

This was the recent Bloggers Launch of the iZone-iHub Place.

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