March 31, 2013

Gadget ON: OtterBox REFLEX Series iPad Case Review

The Otterbox REFLEX iPad case is designed for 4th, 3rd, and 2nd Generation iPad’s. It’s designed to give a total protection for iPad and with a cover that can also turn as a docking stand.

Otterbox iPad Reflex Package front
Inspired by the crumple zone of a car, the Reflex Series new iPad case features a unique dual material combination of polycarbonate and silicone. Cushions of air in the corners allow the case to flex and absorb any impact force.

Otterbox defender iphone case back
The Review
The Reflex Series Case is made of Two-piece case slides together and locks in place. Dual material case includes silicone and polycarbonate to protect against mishaps and accidental drops

Otterbox cases  Otterbox iPad Reflex designed for ipad
The packaging is simple with a clear plastic cover on front where I was able to see the case and see the design.

Otterbox iPad Reflex ipad with cover back view
Weight & Dimensions
  • Weight: 11.18 oz / 317 g
  • Dimensions (case only): 9.98in x 7.77in x 0.65in / 253.44mm x 197.39mm x 16.46mm
  • Dimensions (case and shield stand): 10.38in x 8.21in x 0.81in / 263.73mm x 208.57mm x 20.65mm
Otterbox iPad Reflex ipad buttons and camera port  Otterbox iPad Reflex ipad connector
The Reflex series snug fit on the iPad, it's easy to install just slide the the two pieces case and it will lock at the center to keep it intact. The simple and clean design of case allows all functions and features are accessible through the Reflex Series iPad case including speaker, headphone jack, camera and connector port. The Side of the reflex case is made of some silicon rubber this is to give protection on if the iPad is dropped on a solid ground like a concrete.

Otterbox iPad Reflex ipad back logo

One of the things I like about the case is there is a see through circle design that shows the Apple Logo, this is where the lock of the case located too. Is that cool or what…

Otterbox iPad Reflex ipad with case

The included cover case to protect the screen part of the iPad can be use for other purpose but if you don’t want to use it, you can always slide it at the back so that you won’t lose or forget it when you are traveling.

Otterbox iPad Reflex ipad cover stand  Otterbox iPad Reflex ipad cover

Not only it protects the screen area of the iPad, the cover can also be use as a viewing stand when folded with 2 different level which are the 45 degree and 90 degree level. It also have a rubber type four corner so that it wont slide on any surface.

Otterbox iPad Reflex ipad on stand

Here’s the view of the iPad, this is very useful when I want to watch a movie just make sure you are using a wireless headset or a wireless speaker like a Libratone Live

Otterbox iPad Reflex ipad watch view

If you want want to play games on your iPad like Angry Birds, this 45 Degree angle is the base way to enjoy it.

Otterbox iPad Reflex ipad

Overall the Otterbox REFLEX case for iPad is build to give a total protection and make it look good too, the added screen cover that transform into a docking stand is something that you won’t find in other maker of cases for iPad. 

The downside maybe is the price price tag of Php 3,510.00 (currently on SALE) but if you want to protect your gadget on accidental drops and bumps this is the right case for you.


  1. i'm not liking it so much. it takes away the beauty of the ipad, and it's expensive :(

  2. a little expensive but if you want to protect your expensive gadget from scratches it's worth the money.

    1. They are a bit pricey! but with the kind of protection you got I think its worth the price.

  3. I like Otterbox because they can really secure your phone / ipad plus they come in stylish designs too.

  4. It's looks cool! I like the design of this Otterbox!

  5. Nice. Looks very good as a viewing stand, but a bit on the expensive side. I could consider this though.

  6. the stand functionality is quiet good but overall as what Alwin mention, it hides the Apple's design and charm. For me the simpler, the better. Plus the cost it's not pocket friendly, as if it's made with high quality material.

    1. It is indeed made of high quality and durable material.

  7. Thanks for review, it was excellent and very informative.
    thank you :)