April 24, 2013

Assault Fire PH, Level Up! introduces a First Person Shooting Game

Level UP, Philippines leading online game publisher, has just introduced today its latest on FPS(first person shooting) game, Assault Fire.

Assault Fire is a Game develop by Tencent Games a Chinese game developer, which boasts of next-gen 3D graphics, new and intense game modes. The game is a warfare type of simulated 3D game you can be either a Global Security Defense Unit or GSDU, or the Renegade Group Resistance.
There are a lot of customization that a player can do and play in modes like; Mech and Mutant matches, and a skill system that lets you build your soldier character the way you want to.

Assault Fire Closed Beta Testing phase starts, April 25, 2013, In addition, FPS gamers and enthusiasts will also get to test their mettle in Assault Fire's national e-sports tournament series, where they can get to win cash prizes, bragging rights, and the chance to represent the country in a special exhibition match at the prestigious World Cyber Games(WCG) in China.

Another great news is that there will be no character wipe once Assault Fire transitions to Open Beta in May.

Interested in the beta test, Server Release to Public at 1:00pm – April 25, 2013 well head on here: Assault fire Beta Pre-Registration and visit their official Facebook page:

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