May 20, 2013

Arc Mobile enters the Phone Market intruduces: Basic Phones, Prime Series, Nitro Series and Tab Series Line-up

Here's another local phone manufacturer that is entering the smartphone market, Arc Mobile introduced their line-up of phones in a blogger event held in Hotel.


Arc Mobile is another local brand, that will focus on Basic Phones, Smartphones and on TabPhones (Tablet with Phone functions). Their focus on their products is a more affordable phones but with good quality on both hardware and software.
Basic Series Phone
Their line-up for the the basic phones include their very own Arc Proprietary OS (no info on what this OS can do and it's functionality). 
Common functionality are; Dual-SIM, FM Radio, Mobile Tracker and Camera that range from .3MP up to 3MP




Prime Series
This series is powered by a Single Core processor, and are for those that are looking for a Dual-SIM smartphone with mobile analog TV functions on a 3.5 HVGA screen. 

Nitro Series
This series is powered by a Dual Core processor, and equipped with  5MP back camera and it comes with Android Jellybean 4.1.2 out of the box. The Nitro 500D have an SRP of Php 4,795



Tab Series
This series is Arc mobile entry to TabPhone, the Tab 700M is powered by a Single Core processor and it include a Mobile Analog TV with only 2G connectivity. 


While the Tab 720M 3G and Tab 701D is powered by Dual Core processor and sports a 2MP back camera. The 701D is a Tablet Wi-Fi device only and will retail for Php 4,599



 The Arc mobile is targeting consumers that are looking for a quality budget phones and smartphones. Expect this devices to hit the market in the coming weeks.

Will update this as soon we can get the updated retail prices!

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