June 23, 2013

Gadget ON: Dell Latitude 6430u Ultrabook Review

Dell Latitude series notebooks are really designed with business users in mind, and the Dell Latitude 6430u is one of the latest offering as an Ultrabook strong enough to withstand the daily rigors of business.

For more than a week now, the Latitude 6430u was my main notebook, this review will focus based on my experience of using it as a work notebook. So let's get it on...

Dell Latitude 6430u Key Features:
  • 14.0″ HD (1366×768) Anti-Glare LED-backlight
  • 3rd Generation Intel Core i5 (3427U) 1.8GHz
  • Windows 8 Pro 64-bit
  • 14.0” HD (1366x768) Anti-Glare LED-backlight
  • Windows 8 Pro 64-bit
  • 256GB Solid State hard drive
  • Intel HD Graphics 4000
  • Integrated HD video webcam
  • Bluetooth® 4.0

The Dell Latitude 6430u is an Ultrabook notebook, the magnesium frame makes it seems so slim weighing only at only 3.7lb. It's lighter than most of 14-inch notebook in the market measuring just 20.9mm thick so it's easy to pack on any backpack or suitcase and carry.

This Ultrabook build is solid and feels sturdy. I like that the lid cover that is made from rubbery matte finish and making it immune to fingerprints mark not only that it looks somewhat rugged and tough but sexy at the same time. The LED indicator also lights from the outside or when the cover is closed.
Located on the left side you'll see the charging port, the old reliable VGA port, USB 3.0 port, headset jack (mic and earphone in one port) and the switch for the Wi-Fi.

While on the right side, this is where the USB 3.0 port, a

For the HDMI and eSATA/USB combo port,  it's located at the backside and in between is a grill where the vent is, surprisingly the fan on really quiet and the location of the vent is great ventilation.

At the base is where the battery located, and it occupy almost half of the it, the battery can easily be removed by simply sliding the lock level, once the battery is removed you can see some parts are reveled.   

The Latitde 6430u comes with a 6-cell (60Whr) Li-polymer battery, and it also served as a cover for the base. According to Dell that it can go up to 10 hours on a single charge.

The 14-inch display is capable of 1366 x 768 resolution, I was a bit dismay to find that screen is not touch enable, while other Ultrabook in the market with the same price point or even lower offers touch-enable screen.

Since this runs on Windows 8 Pro, the touch-enable display should be standard on Ultrabooks so that one can fully appreciate the Windows metro style apps.

The display can be tilt all the way up to 160 degree. The anti-glare screen is a plus, because this makes it easier to look at even on a bright conditions or if you are outdoor like cafe's and park. For the viewing angle well it's not bad, but since this is a Notebook you won't need to worry about that.

Keyboard is one of the important parts of computers, the Latitude 6430u have a full-sized keyboard with dedicated Page Up and Page Dwn, this is useful if you browsing a webpage.

The keyboard in this notebook are good tactile feedback and it have enough palm rest so they typing experience quite good, the included pointer that is located at the center of keyboard is very handy too, for users who don't want to use the mouse to moved the mouse.
The touchpad is pretty much standard with a pair click buttons, but it features common Windows 8 multi-finger gestures.

Battery Life

My Battery experience for this notebook is 7 hours the most, the configuration I choose is Adaptive which was recommend by Dell's build-in battery Information app.

I tested and used this notebook for work environment thus its always connected to either Wi-Fi or corporate LAN, and I also connected my Bluetooth stereo headset for listening pleasure. 

My Dell Latitude 6430u configuration comes with 1.8GHz dual-core 3rd Gen Intel Core i5 processor, with 8GB RAM, integrated Intel HD 4000 graphics, and 256GB SSD drive installed with a 64-bit Windows 8 Pro OS.       
With Windows 8 Pro installed this notebook boot-up very fast in less than 1min. you can already by productive now that's impressive.
Windows Experience Index score is 5.7 its determined by the lowest subscore. But if it will be rated by performance this notebook will probably will get 8.0.  
I was impressed by how responsive and the power computing of this notebook, inserting a USB storage disk and detecting is almost instant and transferring files from and to a USB storage is very fast too. I was not able to test this notebook for games but I'm sure with its 8GB RAM and Intel graphics this will not disappoint you.

My Verdict
For the configuration and price tag Php73,500, this business notebook is surely something to consider at eeSATA/USB combo port is a plus since this comes with only 256GB Solid State hard drive.


  1. Just recently I bought one for my daughter, because they don't use books in their school, EBOOK is what they used now. Since it's our first time to use it, no problem yet.

  2. I want an ultrabook but I probably won't get Dell brand because it's hard to get parts in the Philippines, right?

    1. If you meant by service center, they do have it here in metro! And they even have the next business day replacement.

  3. My work laptop before was Dell and I like its nice feature. Their ultra book is very sleek and stylish.

    1. Dell does have nice ultrabook design.

  4. Having 7 hours battery life is really cool! That's how laptops should be, really, not 2-3 hours only :) I like this ultrabook.

    1. There are some factors for the long battery life, one of this is the use of SSD drive and the absent of optical media drive.

  5. Long batter life.. wow that is indeed a winner! Its a bit pricey for me though maybe because I'm more of a netbook user. Cool feature = 160 degree tilt. hehe.

  6. I'm looking for a new laptop, and I think I just found it :D 7 hours battery life sounds really cool :D

  7. I'm thinking of buying a laptop so that I can work while traveling, I might consider this one.
    -Wanderer Juan

  8. Quite pricey but I guess it's what you get for a sleek and high powered notebook.

  9. I think this ultrabook is a bit expensive but for the 7 hour batt span is not batt plus the 256 ssd storage is better than the MBA 128ssd.

  10. I am a believer of dell and its quality.. but their price holds me back.. hope they come up with cheaper alternatives with the same functionality and quality :)

  11. wow 73k srp I can't afford this,hehe But indeed the quality is excellent and heavy duty..

  12. My boyfriend and his family are Dell lovers. All of their computers and laptops at home are Dell. He'll be happy to know about this! =)

    1. Really! That is something. Nice to know that there are Dell Loyals.

  13. It is more tempting to buy laptops that have a touch screen and convertible to tablet, rather than traditional ones like this.

    1. I agree, This Ultrabook should have the touch screen.