June 03, 2013

GrabTaxi App for iOS and Android Launched: Let the Taxi come to you!

One of the Major transportation used in Metro Manila is a Taxi, here's some of the problem that passengers usually have with this kind of service, during rush hour it's really hard to flag down a taxi and most of the times the driver will ask for an additional pay after you said where you are going. 

Now there's a new app for iOS and Android that have a solution for this, GrabTaxi (formerly known as is a subsidiary of MyTeksi, the first in ASEAN to use smartphone to smartphone cloud-based technologies for taxi booking and dispatch and one of the fastest growing social start-up companies. 

GrabTaxi is an app for both passengers and taxi drivers, how it works you say? We'll its simple the passenger will input where's the destination and after that a map will show how many GrabTaxi partners are in that area.


There is an option to call the assigned taxi driver to confirmed or simply just to inform the driver about the exact location so that it can fetch the passenger more quickly.

Once you got a driver assigned, the passenger can get the driver profile and the taxi's plate number now that is something for peace of mind, not only that the passenger can choose to share the current route to social networks, email or simply test message this to a friend or family member to let them know your current location and whereabouts.

There is a P70.00 booking fee on top of the metered taxi fare. This FEE is shared between GrabTaxi, the taxi company and of course the taxi driver. But this will eventually get lowered once get more taxi fleet to partner with GrabTaxi.

But if you ask me, this fee is just right! here's what the advantage of using this service, the taxi will go to your location, so that you don't need to be a chance passenger. You get a sense of security since you know the profile of the driver. You can inform your love one's where's your current location so that they too don't have to worry specially if you are traveling during midnight.

Just remember the taxi driver will only start the meter running once you are inside the vehicle. The passenger can also give a feedback or ratings to the driver via GrabTaxi app.

Properly trained and equipped with an Android Smartphone with GrabTaxi installed. Not only that these taxi drivers are well Groomed, with proper uniformed, and can keep their passenger feel secure. This is all part of the GrabTaxi enterprise solution. 

Here's a video on how easy to use GrabTaxi

The GrabTaxi Team with Mr. Tan during the Soft Launch 

Both solutions propose a more efficient means of taxi booking and dispatching because of the following main features that GrabTaxi boasts:
  1. Taxi bookings are only blasted out to drivers that are in the passenger’s 3km radius, therefore allowing faster pickups.
  2. The taxi booking job is flashed to the driver’s phone with important information such as pick up point, drop off point, and even additional tips from the passenger. He has the option to bid for the job with just a touch of a button.
  3. The algorithm for whoever wins the bidding is always the closest interested driver to the passengers, again allowing faster pickups.
  4. Once matched, both driver and passenger are given direct contacts to each other for better communication.
  5. Passengers are able to see assigned driver’s location and important details such as name, plate number, photo, and phone number post- booking.
  6. GrabTaxi collects all relevant data in real-time – a helpful tool for fleet owners and even for both drivers and passengers. 

Get the app for FREE now on AppStore and Google Play 
For more information you can visit their official website

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