July 20, 2013

Gadget ON: Canon PIXMA MX927 All-in-One Printer Review

If you are looking for a muti-task office equipment that is functional and can do a lot of task such as copy, scan, fax and print not only documents but other stuff too.

The All-in one printer Canon Pixma MX927 can do it all, well except made coffee for you of course. Not only that this printer is do-it all, it also have the ability to print wirelessly.
The MX927 is part of Canon All-in-One with Fax Printers lineup, for the technical features you can read it here: Canon MX927 Tech Specs.

The Printer hardware
Since this is no ordinary printer, the PIXMA MX927 looks like a bulky black box with its black glossy body, weighing 11.7K, this device is heavy and occupy a large amount of space, so better save some office desk space for this printer. It's capable of 35-sheet capacity Duplex ADF (Auto Document Feeder) capable of scanning and copying both sides of a document in one pass.

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At the front of the printer is where the 3-inch LCD panel for main controls, this is where you can setup the settings for its functions, on its left side is the the 16 functional buttons, which activates depending on the functionality that you are using. For the Main functions, there are 4 buttons for Copy, Fax, Scan and Menu, beside it the power button. So everything you need to control and use the functionality of the printer is in this panel.

This printer have plenty of connectivity options, there is LAN connection via ethernet port, a USB interfaceanalog phone line port with extension and it also supports Wi-Fi connectivity (supports Google Cloud print, Air-print and Mobile Printing).

For the paper tray, the MX927 have 2 of of them. The top tray supports 4×6 prints, CD disk tray (located at the back of the tray), while the lower tray is for the larger sizes like the A4 sized papers, envelopes and photo papers. 

One cool feature of this printer is the output tray automatically opens when printing, so you don't have to worry when you forgot to open it.

now in case of paper jam, you can look at the back of the printer, where you can easy removed any paper by removing the back cover and checking the paper feeder if there is any paper on it.

Ink Cartridges
The ink cartridges use on MX927 are model CLI series 751C, 751M, 751Y, 751BK and PGI 750 PGBK. It cost Php 550 each for the CLI 751 cartridges and Php 580 for 750 PGBK.

It's easy to know when it's time to replace any of the ink cartridges, besides the notification that you get on your PC on the level of the ink cartridges, you can also look at the ink cartridges bay to see which one is needed to be replaced by just looking the at red light notification.

Performance and Print Quality
Printing on MX927 with Glossy photo paper is pretty much standard, you can choose form available options on quality of print (fast, standard and high), I tried it on a borderless option. I printed on a A4-sized full color photo and set on High Quality and took about a minute to complete the print.

Tried it also on my iPad using the Wifi print capability and takes a a little bit more to transfer the document to the printer. But overall the printer works well and I had no paper jam. The scanner supports 2400x4800 dpi and it scan as fast at 15sec.

Conclusion The Canon Pixma MX927 is really an office equipment with it's multifunction capability. It's a a huge printer but think of it, you can actually save space since you only have one equipment that can replace your Fax Machine, Copier, Scanner and Printer. The priced of Php 12,995 is a good investment for business that need an equipment that can do more than printing.

What's not hot about the MX927 is that is uses 5 ink cartridges, so that's a Php 2,870 for one set. The black glossy finish looks really good, but expect it to be a magnet for finger print and dust, so make sure it is clean regularly.


  1. I agree when you said it was a good investment for that price. I think I have to prioritize this, I want to grab one. The way you described the good sides made me interested :)

  2. I agree!Actually my printer is Cannon - free when I purchased my laptop. One of the best brands with regards to quality and price

    1. I agree. Canon printers are really reliable and dependable

  3. The inks are really expensive but the printer is really powerful and useful.

  4. very elegant, efficient, tidy printer/copier on demand. a new look printer for every office and even for home use.

  5. As part of the performance, I am also looking into the speed of the printer. Like how fast can it print 100 pages?

    1. It's not really build for speed printing but its build for quality printing

  6. this printer is a perfect addition to anyone's home or office. i have been meaning to get a printer to use at home for printing postcards, + soon for my little man's school projects. now i know which printer to get when i saved enough to buy a new one.

    1. thanks. And I'm sure you'll like the Canon PIXMA MX927

  7. I am a fan of everything Canon! I might buy one soon since I need a new printer! =)