September 30, 2013

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is FREE at P1999 a month on Smart Network

It looks like Smart got the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 on their network, so if you want to get the newest smartphone from Samsung you can avail it at Plan 1,999 for FREE at Smart Network.

The All-in Plan 1800, you can get the Note 3 on this plan, plus Php 199, thus making it Php 1,999 every month for 24 months. 
If you do the math well you will be paying for the Galaxy Note 3 for a total of Php4,776 for that 2 years contract. So its not really free, but I think its better deal if you don't want to shell out Php 36,999 for the device price.

There are other plans for you to choose from, you can get more details of it here: Smart Samsung Galaxy Note 3

If you are ready to apply for the plan head on here: Apply Now

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