October 15, 2013

Gadget ON: Kingmax KEBG-M03, Sleek and Packed Power Bank Review

Smartphones are getting smarter and better on each released, but battery is one thing that it really needs improvements. That is why Powerbank is one of the accessories that you must always have with you.

Kingmax KEBG-M03 is a perfect mobile companion with a capacity of 8000mAh and 122 x 67 x 15 mm, it will surely keep your smartphone and other power hungry gadgets powered up.
Let me tell you why this powerbank is a must mobile companion, so beter read on...
Kingmax KEBG-M03 Key Features:
  • 8000mAh@3.7V - battery capacity
  • DC 5V/1A input - power
  • DC 5V/1A+2.1A - output power
  • 122 x 67 x 15 mm - dimensions
  • 193g - weight
  • 8 hours - charging time
  • SRP: Php 1,900 

The Packaging
Kingmax KEBG-M03 is package in a plastic case like with a see through window, the labeling is compete with details and information about the product. 

The package contains paper manual, 2pcs. of iPhone 30pin cable 1 micro USB cable(a bit short on cable) and a carrying case.

Design and Functionality
Its Phone like candy design is nice to hold, and you can feel the weight of the battery, its almost the same size as my Cherry Mobile Flare 2.0. For notification there is a 4 LED power indicators built-in.

With its 122 x 67 x 15 mm, it can easily fit on on a pocket together with your smartphone other other gadgets like camera and media players. With its included pouch you can easily secure this together with its cable.

There are 2 USB posts that can be use simultaneously you charge a smartphone on 5V 1A port and your iPad and other tablets on 5V 2.1a USB ports or other gadgets that require more power.

Charging the KEBG-M03 takes a long time, around 8hrs is needed to full-charge this powerbank, now that's a long time if you ask me. So better charge this during the night so that you are ready to use it during the day.

How to use this powerbank you say? well you can use your own USB cable or the one provided which is a little short on the cable for my taste. All you need to do is use the right USB port to charge your gadget and power up this device to get the juice out.

Powering it, press and hold the touch switch for a few seconds until the capacity indicators flash 3 times, the device will be turned on. 
Powering off, Press and hold the touch switch for a few seconds until the capacity indicators turn-off one by one from left to right.

Summary Conclusion
Now you wont be able to use the "I'm low on battery" excuse if have this. The compact and looks like a candy phone design is nice and it looks like another phone, and the 8000mAh is more than enough to charge 2 phones.

Large capacity of 8000mAh battery with 2 USB ports that can be use simultaneously and cool design.

Charging time takes a long time that's 8hours of waiting.

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