November 04, 2013

Thor: The Dark World Game now available for iOS And Android to Download For Free

If you watched the Movie Thor: The Dark world and loved it, here's another treat for everyone. The game with the same title is now available for mobile platform.

Marvel Comics and Gameloft brings the Thor story to mobile devices with the latest game based on the movie that is currently showing nationwide.

Game Overview:
Malekith, the lord of the Dark Elves and ancient enemy of Asgard leads an invasion to destroy the Nine Worlds! Thor must race to stop the Dark Elves from plunging the universe into darkness! Join forces with Asgard’s greatest warriors and embark on an epic quest to stop Malekith’s dark ambitions, and restore order to the Nine Worlds.

Key features:
  • The official game of the multi-billion selling franchise
  • First-ever Super-Hero game in an RPG setting perfectly suited for Thor franchise
  • Familiar environments & characters inspired by the movie in a fast-paced, action packed adventure
  • Immersive solo campaign & rewarding social multiplayer experience
  • Gripping narrative co-written by famed marvel writer Christopher Yost
  • Stunning 3D graphics & intuitive touch controls

Get the game now:
On iOS AppStore : Thor: The Dark World Game
On Android Google Play: Thor: The Dark World Game

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