December 14, 2013

Gadget ON: Philips Indies CitiScape In-Ear Headphones Review

Philips CitiScape SHE7050 In-Ear Headphones have a Flat anti-tangle cable with slider to keep it tangle-free.
The product review that Philips gave have a sample only and Im not really sure if this is the final product that is available in the market. Nevertheless I still took this product for a spin and here are what my experience with it.

Philips Indies CitiScape (SHE750) Key features:
  • 8.6 mm Diameter of the membrane
  • Fixed 1.2m cable
  • mini-jack 3.5 mm
  • 107 dB Sensetivity
  • 16 Ohm Impedance 
The package contain the earphones and it comes with free 3 pairs of earbuds so you can choose which earbuds will fit your ears perfectly. The earbuds come in 3 sizes, from small up to large. 

Flat cable have its advantage it keeps the cable anti-tangle, but the Rubberized cable seems not that durable specially if you are going to use this as your everyday earphones.

Its always nice to get an extra ear caps, because not all ear holes are the same but the color seems striking, really! it comes with pink ear caps. 


Sound Quality.  Tried it on my HTC 8S smartphone with Beats Sound build-in and the sound somewhat lacking details, I'm more of Jazz person and I can't seem to get the right music with this earphone, but the voice sounds good and relatively good mid-bass.

Listening to podcast is one of things I love to do, and this headphone does the job well, the clear voice and the noise cancelling is just nice. The CitiScape does not come with microphone so don't expect to be able to answer any calls you make on your smartphone if you are using this. 
The earbuds is comfortable and noise isolating really works in blocking out the outside noise, this is great specially if you are commuting, you can just plug this headphones and be immerse in your own music collection and just enjoy it.

Conclusion. The Philips CitiScape In-Ear Headphones is a standard headphones, there is really nothing special with it, but I do like the flat cable and comfortable earbuds.Philips did not inform me on how much this headphone cost. 

So if you see one in an Audio stores please let me know how much is the SRP so that I can update this post. Thanks

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