December 10, 2013

Torque 5th Year Anniversary - Proudly Pinoy brand revolutionizes the Filipino mobile phone

For five years, TORQUE has given Filipino users the freedom of choice to select the mobile phones and tablets that fit their lifestyle, at a cost that will give them the best value for their money.

As the first local mobile brand to launch the most affordable mobile phones and tablets with superb features found in foreign brands, TORQUE’s status has improved significantly in the last five years in terms of market demand. Rising from the 10th up to 7th and then up to 5th for the past 3 years.

“TORQUE has, indeed, gone a long way given the relatively short time of operations,” TORQUE CEO Christopher Uyco said. “In keeping up with the very dynamic mobile phone market in the Philippines, our commitment remains the same: to provide innovative product designs and highly thoughtful specifications based on what the market demands.”

To celebrate its fifth year, TORQUE has beefed up its product lineup with more innovative smart phones and tablets that caters to literally all types of mobile phone and tablet users.

Given that Filipinos use their gadgets not just for communications but for entertainment, TORQUE is offering mobile handsets that go beyond calling and texting. Now, enjoying videos and music are made more affordable with D1c, D1e, D1i, D5i, DTV5, DTV15 Slim. All products are with dual SIM capability, FM radio, camera with video recorder, multimedia player and expandable memory up to 32GB.

DTV15 is even built with mobile TV, which is also available for i20 TV+WiFi and i80 TV+WiFi. Featuring a bigger screen for TV viewing, i20 and i80 are built with large and clear 2.8” and 3.5” screens, respectively, as dual SIM capability, camera with video recorder, and expandable memory up to 8GB. Connectivity is also not a problem with its seamless WiFi capability and Bluetooth/JAVA/GPRS/MMS feature.

TORQUE has also ushered in a set of faster, more powerful, yet budget-friendly Android gadgets under the Droidz series: the Beat TV, Pop 3G, Play 3G, Active 3G, Stark 3G, Atom S, Space 3G, Avatar TV, Quad, Motion and Life HD.

These models run at 1GHz Dual Core CPU, except for Quad, Motion and Life HD which features 1.2GHz Quad Core. Customers can choose from 3.5” to 5.5” screens, depending on their lifestyle and preference. Each smartphone is built with a superior interface using the advanced Android 4.1 to 4.2 (Jelly Bean) OS, and comes with dual SIM capability and dual cameras, except for Pop 3G and Active 3G which have 3MP rear camera. Other features include Wi-Fi/Bluetooth capability and microSD slot.

Not to be outdone with the growing tablet market, TORQUE has also launched an exciting array of products also under the DROIDZ series, with the same features as an expensive tablet, at a much lesser price tag.

These include Edge, Duo Slim, Duo, Duo TV, Drive Slim and Push+. All of these models run at 1.2GHz CPU with 4GB to 8GB ROM and 512 RAM. With 7.0” Capacitive Touchscreen, users will sure to enjoy an interface that uses Android 4.2 (Jelly Bean). All DROIDZ tablet are equipped with Dual cameras. The last two models – Drive Slim and Push+ – come with single sim capability with call and text features.

The list of TORQUE’s fab phablets do not end, as it also introduced the Droidz Portal X, Mini D and Mini Q, which comes with Capacitive Touchscreen, sized 7” and 7.85”, respectively.

All models feature dual SIM capability that has Call and Text features, powered by 1GHZ Dual and Quad Core CPU with 4GB ROM and 512 RAM, except for Mini Q which runs at 4GB ROM and 1GB RAM. They also feature dual cameras, as well as mobile TV for the Droidz Portal X.

Staying attuned to the functionality, aesthetic, price and overall consumer experience, TORQUE ensures that in the months and years to come, it will provide the perfect combination of even more competitive products well-suited to the ever-changing requirements and preferences of the Filipino tech market.


  1. Bakit po wla pa mga screen protector? parehas ng droidz sport?
    need ko po maka buy ng screen protector sa inyo... taga sor. po ako... tnx and more power...
    solid po ako sa inyo... astig po mga phones po ninyo... sana po magkaroon na ng screen protector, ma buy ko na this JAN.

  2. Bakit po wla kayo mga screen protector? taga sor po ako... astig ng mga phones po ninyo...
    sana po magkaroon na kayo ng mga screen protector sa DROIDZ SPORT... para this JAN pa buy ko na po... tnx.. and more power....