February 26, 2014

CIM Technologies introduces 3D Printers for Personal Use

3D Printing was invented by Charles 'Chuck' Hull in 1983, from then on it has come a long way, not only industrial or big companies can now afford 3D printers. It's now available for personal use.

CIM Technologies, Inc. is one of the country’s pioneers in providing Technology Solutions from software and hardware to training and technical support to various industries in the global market.

CIM Technologies, Inc. introduces the Cube and CubeX Personal 3D printers, these printers are simple to use as plug and play. It uses plastic filament and the output can be printed in 16 different colors. Cube can print as big as 5.5x5.5x5.5 (a size of a mug) while CubeX can print as big as 10.8x10.45x9.5 (a size of a bigger mug).

For the pricing well well expect that this printers will cost from Php 80,000 up to Php 240,000 but for sure as technologies progress it will become more affordable.

CIM Technologies Inc., in partnership with the world-leading IT companies such as Autodesk, Siemens, Microsoft, Oracle,3D systems, HP, and Apple, is committed to share knowledge of technology through a series of events nationwide like campus tours, workshops, seminars, and tradeshows.

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