February 10, 2014

Gadget ON: Apacer Mobile Flash Drive for Smartphones with OTG functions

Apacer newest product the Apacer AH172 Mobile flash drive with OTG function that can be use on smartphones and tablets that support that functions. This is another great accessories for easier transferring of files.

One of the many uses of smartphone is taking pictures and selfie images, since the camera of smartphones are getting better each released, now is there a faster way to get that picture and transfer it your PC have it printed.

This candy type flash drive is designed for use on tablets and smartphones that support OTG (USB On-The-Go) so that data can be transferred a lot easier.

Apacer AH172 Mobile Flash Drive Key Features:
  • Micro USB Type-B plug, USB 2.0 interface, Backward compatible with USB 1.0
  • OTG, Plug and Play
  • 8G/16G/32G Capacity
  • Package Contents: USB Drive, USB type-A adapter 
  • Price: PHP 1,250 for 23GB capacity
The AH172 comes in two colors blue and pink, and I was lucky enough to get the pink one for this review.
The Design; Well from the looks of it, its a chick candy type flash disk the body is made of rubber and so you don't have to worry about when this got dropped. The included USB adapter is backward compatible to USB 1.1 so you don't have to worry if you a have older PC.
Features; The main selling point of Apacer AH172 is its OTB functions, which is very useful since most of Android devices now support this functions. For the list of the supported devices you can check it here.
Functionality; Tried on my Cherry Mobile TITAN 2.0 and it was recognized got mounted and ready to use, I was able to copy pictures taken from TITAN camera with total files of 2.23GB and it takes only couple of minutes to transfer it.

While getting files from the Apacer AH172 was also a breeze, I was able to transfer a huge 4GB and the transfer rate was between 11 – 12 MB/s.

Availability and Price; Apacer AH172 is available in 8GB Php 447, 16GB Php 650 and 32GB Php 1,250. where to get it you say! its now available at Octagon Computer Superstore (MEGA Mall, Festival Mall, ATC, Glorieta, Paguie, North Edsa, Robinson, SM, ILO SM).

Verdict; The Apacer AH172 is a handy accessories to have, the ability to transfer files from and to another device is a great feature. For the design, well they should come up with more choices since not everyone like the chick candy type design, and there should be more colors to choose from.


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